Redkey W12 review: a (almost) perfect floor cleaner!

red key w12

Taking a look at all the household cleaning products sold online we find a myriad of different types of devices. Some are highly technological, with Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and many smart functions, while others are simpler, with few settings. It always depends on the type of need we have and on how much we actually want to "communicate" with our product or, more simply, on how much information we want it to provide us. 

It is not the first time that we enter this universe of products, having already tried many electric brooms and cleaning robots. I want to bring your attention, therefore, to the first type of device just mentioned, namely that of vacuum cleaner. For some days, in fact, we have been trying the Redkey W12, a cordless electric broom that promises to wash, dry and vacuum the various impurities on the ground, all in a single pass. As on other competing models, therefore, here we find a rotating brush placed at the bottom that has the task of slightly wetting the floor, offering a delicate and streak-free wash. 

To date, many people have decided to switch to products of this type, often forced to sell at exorbitant prices. For some years, however, the market has been invaded by many brands of all kinds which, poco at a time, they tried to make room for themselves in this area. And here, then, that Redkey W12 thanks to the value for money could actually win your trust. 

Redkey W12 review: a vacuum cleaner that takes everything away, liquids and solids


From the packaging, one aspect is immediately clear: inside this package there is space for a cordless vacuum cleaner. On the front, in fact, the company has decided to portray the device, without hiding any details. In addition to describing some parts of it, reporting the most important specifications, the brand has included the following accessories in the sales box:

  • Redkey W12;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • two spare brushes;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • accessory for cleaning the vacuum cleaner;
  • dock station for charging and cleaning the device.

Design & Materials

Looking at the technical data sheet of this product, we notice some rather important dimensions: Redkey W12 measures 325 x 310 x 700 mm, with a weight of well 3,8 Kg. Despite this, the device is quite handy when cleaning, making it almost too light. But this is an aspect that we will analyze later, because now it is right to focus on the design studied by the company in the planning phase. Taking a look at the vacuum cleaner, therefore, we see how the shapes are very similar to those proposed by other competing brands. We have already seen a practically identical device in our reviews, ILIFE EASINE W100, which in many respects recalls this model. Not only for the size, but more for the stylistic choices: as with this product, for example, even in that case we had two different containers for water. The upper one used for clean water with which to wash the floors, of about 520 ml, the lower one for theDirty water da 460ml. But that's not all, because the arrangement of these components is also identical, showing a very similar top handle which, in some respects, is much more slender. 

red key w12

Redkey W12 arrives in the box without its own handle fitted. This assembly operation, however, is quite simple. Let's see, then, how different components are shown on the upper part, including a button dedicated toself-cleaning vacuum cleaner. Poco higher up, on the other hand, there is a display and two physical buttons through which to turn the product on / off and adjust the flow of water for washing the floors. Going to analyze the , then, the battery level, the presence of water in the upper tank, the amount of water to be released on the ground and some other alerts are notified here. I must admit, however, that I did not appreciate this type of choice very much, as some data are not easily decipherable. I would therefore have preferred a different type of display, especially as regards the amount of water to be released on the floor. It is not always clear, in fact, which mode is active at a given moment, although a voice (in English) continues to warn us of all the various changes in the status of the vacuum cleaner. 

red key w12

Inside the sales package, Redkey has included two additional brushes which, in total, should allow us to use the vacuum cleaner for a whole year. You can only insert one at a time in the cover that finds space at the bottom, being able to enjoy a hooking system that prevents water from escaping easily. Let's see, therefore, how on the back of the brush there is a plastic structure that acts almost as a container for excess water, thus preventing part of the liquid from falling to the ground after cleaning the device. Also in this case, therefore, the release system is very intuitive and allows you to replace the main brush in a few seconds. 

Redkey has opted for the alternation of two colors, white and black, also inserting some chrome inserts. This gives a premium look to the product but, on the other hand, increases the chances of this vacuum cleaner getting dirty, or stained, easily. Despite this, almost the entire structure is made of plastic, including the back where the battery 2.600 mAh. I remind you, then, how on the lower profile there are also two small ones rubber wheels that allow this floor cleaner to move delicately on any type of surface. 

Suction & Washing

A question often comes naturally when talking about products of this type, wondering if it is actually difficult to use them. Redkey W12, from this point of view, passes the exam with flying colors, configuring itself as one of the simplest and most immediate electric brooms. Just click on the Power button and you are immediately ready to clean your home. Obviously not before having properly filled the tank for theclean water, placed at the top, which contains approx 520ml of liquid. 

red key w12

From what is also specified on the official website, it is necessary to dose the amount of water available. Let's say, however, that from this point of view the company could have done something better, offering more freedom to the user. But there is probably a reason why it was thought to act in this way. Taking for example some other product that allows you to manually adjust the flow of water, it often happens that in the end you always leave a few more drops on the ground than necessary. This happens because sometimes, even inadvertently, one exaggerates with this adjustment. Redkey W12, on the other hand, only allows you to set three modes: light flow, abundant flow e no flow. By clicking on the button at the top, the one that portrays the three drops of water, we can change this amount of water, while avoiding that the floor is flooded. 

We previously talked about brushes but I haven't really talked about them yet. These, therefore, are made of soft fabric and are absolutely not aggressive, on any type of surface. When the washing mode is active, however, they release wet streaks on the ground and this aspect, in some reviews, has been a cause for debate. Taking a look at the comments on Amazon, where Redkey W12 has already been on sale for some time, some users have complained about this aspect, although I believe it is only partially correct. With this vacuum cleaner, passing several times on the same points, it is possible to clean the whole environment homogeneously without problems and the presence of these signs does not question its effectiveness. On the other hand, however, there are those who have judged the work carried out in the suction phase, without active washing, to be insufficient, and here I can only confirm these perplexities. I would therefore have expected something more in this respect, perhaps with the introduction of a replacement brush with harder bristles, therefore able to better collect surface dirt. 

On the top of the lower tank, the one for the dirty water, there is a HEPA filter which, after a few days, can safely be washed. Despite this, however, the vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning system that can only be activated when placed in its dock station, which lasts a few seconds. With it, therefore, all the impurities that remain trapped in the brush are eliminated, making it immediately available for a new floor washing session. 


Redkey W12 mounts a brushless motor da 150W which manages to release a good suction power. However, it could have done something better in the cleaning phase if only the company had thought of introducing a different brush, also suitable for vacuuming crumbs and other solid residues. Beyond this aspect, however, it is easily maneuverable but poco ductile, reaching with difficulty in the most difficult places in the house (under the beds, in the tightest corners). I believe, therefore, that it should be considered more as one floor washer for more extensive cleaning rather than a vacuum cleaner capable of removing even the smallest wads of dust piled up in the corners. 

There aren't many cleaning modes here or, even better, different speeds. When turned on, therefore, this vacuum cleaner always offers the same type of noisiness, touching i 72 db. This is not too high but, during slightly longer cleaning sessions, it can be annoying. Beyond this, then, pay attention to the values ​​indicated inside the two water tanks: never exceed the maximum limit because the water could leak out in an uncontrolled manner. Despite everything, however, I appreciate that the company has also wanted to insert a thin rubber strip on the front, right in correspondence with the cover that houses the brush, so as not to damage the vacuum cleaner and the furniture that come into contact with it. 


There is space on board for one battery da 2.600 mAh which allowed me to wash practically all an apartment of about 90 square meters. You just have to consider that the water tank, the one at the top, I had to fill it in total about three times using the higher flow mode. This, therefore, could create some inconvenience in everyday use, even if it is an operation that takes very few moments. In any case, an alert appears on the display at the top that warns the user when this tank is empty (or almost). 

Recharging the vacuum cleaner is very simple: you have to insert the whole structure inside the dock station and wait about 3 hours. Furthermore, when the vacuum cleaner is inside this dock, it is possible to proceed with the self-cleaning which lasts only a few seconds. 

Price & Conclusions

Redkey W12 is currently being sold on The Amazon at the price of 203 €.

In light of what we have seen, we can conclude that this Redkey vacuum cleaner is of good quality, even if it still lacks something. During these months we have been able to test other similar products and almost everyone has been able to convince on all those aspects that creak a little on this vacuum cleaner. It is not the best floor cleaner ever but if its price drops further it could become. At present, unfortunately, the sector is saturated with devices of this type and it is difficult to excel with such a product, although it has always worked and proved to be reliable. We do not doubt, in fact, that it is a good solution, without too many pretensions, which must not make people cry out to a miracle but which, on the other hand, is not even particularly surprising for its performances. 

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