Realme Pad Mini is small, compact and very close to debut

Realme Pad Mini

The next Realme Pad Mini it is practically almost official: we know the design, we have a complete overview of the specifications and now there are news also regarding the date of presentation. The release of Realme's new ultra-compact tablet is just around the corner!

Realme Pad Mini: check the presentation date

Realme Pad Mini

As we have seen above, all the details on look and technical specifications were unveiled by a dealer. Of Realme Pad Mini only the presentation date is missing: while the various teasers show the wording "coming soon", information on the release begins to circulate, also taken from multiple newspapers. The launch of the compact tablet would be set for 4th April and it will happen first in the Philippines; we do not yet know if the international debut will take place on the same day or if we will still have to be patient. In case, we will update this article with all the news.

Realme Pad Mini

For Realme Pad Mini, it will be a terminal devoted to portability with a thickness of just 7.6 mm and a weight of 372 grams. Equipped with a 8.7" it will present itself as the perfect solution for those looking for an unpretentious, cheap but reliable tablet.

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