Realme: at MWC 2022 there was talk of camera under the display and foldable!

realme mwc 2022 gt neo 3 camera under display foldable statements

After the event held these days at MWC 2022 of Barcelona for the launch of Realme GT2 GT2 Pro, Madhav Sheth - vice president of Realme and head of Realme International Business Group - answered some questions, revealing some delicious details about the future projects of the brand.

At MWC 2022 in Barcelona Realme unveils the details of the projects "in the pipeline"

realme mwc 2022 gt neo 3 camera under display foldable statements
Realm GT Neo 3

Among the questions referred to Madhav Sheth he replied, there is one that immediately catches the eye: it seems that the future top-mid range of the house Realme GT Neo 3, is close to launch, which should take place as early as second half of the year 2022. The smartphone will debut with charging capacity 150W UltraDart and will be one of the first to mount the brand new Dimensity 8100 chipset di MediaTek.

Another bombshell released by the vice president of Realme it concerns the release of another smartphone for the second half of the current year: a fundamental feature of the still unpublished device would be the presence of a camera under the display (UDC) - detail that at first it was rumored belonged to GT 2 / GT 2 Pro, later denied.

realme gt 2 pro italy mwc 2022 exit price
Realme GT2 Pro

The burning topic of smartphones was then touched foldable: Realme has absolutely not given up on the idea of ​​making it, but there are currently no release dates, nor for GT 2 Fold, nor for the folding shell. Regarding the magnetic charging system Mag Dart di Realme, this is still being optimized: for the moment compatible smartphones should be too thick or with a reduced battery capacity, so the launch has been temporarily postponed.

Ultimately, Madhav Sheth was keen to explain the brand's decision to replace the telephoto lens on the GT2 Pro and with a micro-lens microscope da 3 MP, ensuring that this choice will not compromise on final performance, optimized by the presence of digital zoom and photographic software on board the smartphone - a choice that, in reality, we have already seen aboard OPPO FIND X3 PRO. Who knows what other surprises this will reveal to us MWC 2022? We just have to wait another day to find out!

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