OnePlus 10 Pro Global: Evleaks confirms the additional feature

oneplus 10 pro global microphone video leak

OnePlus 10 Pro it is getting closer and closer to the arrival on the market Overseas hubs, but it seems it can do it in a different way than the Chinese one. In fact, it seems that our model can integrate a hardware feature that is not present on the one presented at home, but the doubts about it are not few.

Upgrade 04 / 03: OnePlus' top range could actually have a microphone in the bumper camera outside of China, as reported by well-known leaker Evan Blass. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

OnePlus 10 Pro Global with a microphone in the bumper chamber? So many doubts about it

What would change on the new flagship OnePlus compared to what has been seen in China? Apart from the software, but that was already "discounted" at the start, from a leak by the Equal Leaks team (which you find in the source) we learn that there could be a integrated microphone into the camera bumper. This feature would therefore allow the smartphone to better capture audio, especially in terms of video recording.

oneplus 10 pro global microphone video leak 2
According to this image, the microphone would be positioned in the center

The doubts about this implementation, however, are not few. In fact, if we go on official sites di OnePlus in Italy but also in India, the smartphone teaser shows it to us without this microphone. Hence, it is far from confirmed that there could be such a difference. This opens up two ways: the first, perhaps less plausible by relating us to poco above, it could be that pending the arrival of Global there are still no definitive print renders. The second, however, is that it is a well-built fake.

Evan Blass “confirms” that there will be an extra microphone in the bumper chamber | Update 04/03

oneplus 10 pro global microphone video leak 3

After the rumors of the past few hours, we have what we could define as a small confirmation of the presence of the additional hardware feature for OnePlus 10 Pro Global. In fact, he too posted some eloquent press renders, but gave a clear indication: this addition could be related to the US market, so we may not find it in our country let alone in India. Clearly, we will have to wait for official indications to definitively understand the situation, but we know that this is not a fake indiscretion.

In the meantime, you can consult the review di OnePlus 10 Pro Chinese that we have created, perhaps giving you an idea of ​​the multimedia rendering.

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