Not everyone will charge OnePlus 10 Pro at 80W - here's why

oneplus 10 pro 65W charging USA model why

OnePlus 10 Pro, in its Global guise, is about to arrive but it seems that in some areas it will have the same charging power. In fact, although recharging a 80, in some countries it will charge with a lower power and we will explain why.

OnePlus 10 Pro will have a 65W charge in the USA: everything is in the support for the current

oneplus 10 pro 65W charging USA model because 2

The reloading issue of the OnePlus 10 Pro Global is added to that of the presence of a additional microphone placed in the camera bumper. And, not surprisingly, this situation arises once again in the US. In fact, as announced by the brand itself in its Community, although for Europe e India will be equipped with recharge SuperVOOC a 80 (as well as in the Chinese model), in the American one we will have the recharge confirmed a 65 compared to OnePlus 9 Pro, but that would remain unchanged wireless to 50W.

But why was this choice made? In fact it seems that the charger a 80W Super VOOC does not currently support the AC power da 110 o 120 volt, which is the American region power output standard. In short, it seems that OnePlus users in the USA, a market in which it is very competitive, may be slightly disappointed by what they will find with the new flagship. Of course, as long as someone doesn't prefer slower charging in relation to battery wear.

So, summing up, if you find yourself buying a model of OnePlus 10 Pro and you will find a 65W charger, now you know why and therefore, if you want to recharge a 80, you'll have to rely on the European model (which yes, it probably could cost more, but has full support).

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