LTPO 3.0 display coming soon: who among Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo will use it first?

ltpo 3.0 display details debut xiaomi oppo vivo leak

One of the prerogatives of the top-of-the-range displays this year is the panel AMOLED with technology LTPO 2.0. This trend could change abruptly in the short term, where we may already see the technology LTPO 3.0 on of flagships Xiaomi, OPPO or live: but who will be the first?

Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo in the running for the debut of the LTPO 3.0 display, but beware of Samsung

ltpo 3.0 display details debut xiaomi oppo vivo leak 2

To speak, on several occasions, of the new one LTPO technology was the leaker Bald Panda, explaining that we could immediately see the panels of the next mid-year top range of the major Chinese brands, with an eye to Samsung. In fact, it seems that the debut of the LTPO 3.0 display is set for the upcoming month of April 2022, but there is still a strong doubt about who will be the first to mark the doubt.

ltpo 3.0 display details debut xiaomi oppo vivo leak 3

The papabile brand, considering that it does not yet have a top-of-the-range line up for the 2022, but plans its own launch for April, it sure is live. The possible vivo X80 Pro + in fact, but also vivo X Notes, they could actually equip themselves with an LTPO 3.0 display, but it is not excluded that Xiaomi can think about it MIX 5 o 12 Ultra, while OPPO it should then integrate a new device more powerful than Find the X5 Pro which, however, now does not seem too much in the plans.

The surprise outsider could then be iQOO, that with the can 10 series it could act as an experimental brand for the parent company. Finally, as mentioned, it is not to be excluded Samsung, who could come up with something for their leaflets Galaxy z fold 4 e Z flip 4. In short, the meat to cook is there and we will only have to wait for the next few weeks, where we will see a further step towards a lower energy consumption and a better performance of the panel, perhaps with a higher refresh rate than the current ones. 120 Hz.

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