Personalize your creations with this laser engraver on offer!

kkmoon 7000mw laser engraver discount offer

If you are a hobbyist that includes a mix of craftsmanship and technology, then you cannot miss theKKmoon 7000 mw laser engraver in offering: offers support for major image formats, can engrave and customize many materials and the proprietary software is compatible with both Windows that with Mac.

With the KKmoon 7000 mw laser engraver on offer you can give a touch of style to objects of different materials

kkmoon 7000mw laser engraver discount offer

Thanks to the software NEJE Scanner, L 'KKmoon 7000 mw laser engraver it can process different image formats, among which the most used .bmp,.jpg is .png and then engrave them on many materials: wood, paper, leather, bamboo, opaque plastic, rubber and copper. It does not support instead i reflective metals.

Works with a laser wavelength from 450 nm and thanks to gyroscope with which it is equipped, detects the positioning of the object and operates with precision. Equipped with a safety lock system, it stops immediately when it undergoes an unexpected movement or if you move it while it is in operation.

kkmoon 7000mw laser engraver discount offer

Through our GRBL software you can manage the settings of the device, which also supports projects processed with Inkscape or in CAD, easily performing engravings on files of is .Dxf with accuracy.

L'KKmoon 7000 mw laser engraver it is in lightning offer with one discount beyond 60% su TomTop. Below you will find the link that will take you directly to the product page. NB If you do not see the box correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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