How to properly clean your Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO smartphone and more

How to properly clean your Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO smartphone and more

With the arrival of Covid, the need for effectively clean hands and surfaces it has become more fundamental than ever and, of course, one of the "targets" that need a good "wash" and certainly the smartphone. Let's talk about an accessory that we handle continuously, dozens and decide of times a day and that accompanies us at all times: even in the bathroom and even in bed! Of course, the most obsessive among us (like myself) didn't need a global pandemic to sanitize their phones on a regular basis. However with today's new fears, to clean, disinfect and sterilize lo smartphone has become more fundamental than ever and in this practical guide let's go and see like do efficiently and quickly, without the risk of ruining it.

How to clean, disinfect and sterilize a smartphone quickly and effectively (without damaging it)

How to properly clean your Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO smartphone and more

Whether you are a veteran of rubbing the phone or new followers (or just curious) we have decided to collect all the tips on like to clean, disinfect e sterilize correctly your smartphone, whether it is a Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO and even iPhone model. Below we will go to see some useful methods, then it will be up to you to choose the one you prefer or maybe opt for a combined use according to your needs. What is certain is that, as also pointed out at the beginning, cleaning the smartphone should become a common practice for all users (with or without a pandemic).

How to clean your smartphone with a special product

How to properly clean your Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO smartphone and more

First of all, it is possible to focus on specific products dedicated to cleaning smartphones, monitors, notebooks and other electronic devices with screens. There are several available for sale and the price ranges are among the most diverse: below you will find the procedure to follow, while further down there is a short selection of cleaning products.

Clean your phone with specific products: here's how

  1. To wash hands.

    There is no need to say it, but it is good to specify. Before proceeding with cleaning anything, it is best to disinfect or wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

  2. Turn off the phone.

    Another important step: it is good to always turn off the phone or any technological device that you want to clean thoroughly (in order to avoid any type of accident).

  3. Proceed with cleaning.

    The time has come to give it all: don't spray the cleaner of your choice directly on your smartphone. The sanitizing spray is sprayed on a microfiber cloth, which will then be used to gently clean the surface of the phone (both the display and the back cover and the perimeter frame).

  4. Wash the phone cover.

    Obviously, the cleaning will also be carried out on the protective cover, in case you use one. For the case you can be more practical (obviously depending on the material): if we are talking about hard or soft plastic you can use the same spray that you used on your smartphone or proceed with soap and water. If the cover is made of some more “precious” material, follow the instructions for that type of surface.

Then there are a number of details to remember: do not use paper towels to dry the phone, sanitize the smartphone at least once a day and - above all - do not use products based on bleach or 100% alcohol! Once your device is perfectly dry, as well as the cover, you can go back to using it without problems.

Here are some cleaning products: if the boxes below do not appear correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

How to clean and sanitize your smartphone with wipes

In addition to sanitized sprays, there are also practices on the market wipes soaked with antibacterial solutions. It is a perfect solution for a complete but super fast cleaning; the only important detail concerns the wipes you choose. Make sure we have a concentration of minimal alcohol and that they are perfectly wet when you use them to clean the display and the back cover of your smartphone. Proceed gently following the steps above and your phone will be sanitized in a flash.

Below we leave you with a series of sanitizing wipes that the undersigned uses to clean their smartphones: so far I have had a great time and I feel I can recommend them having tried them firsthand.

ZEISS wipes are the ones I currently use but I have had a good experience with the Ringke wipes too. As for the AIESI ones, this is the cheapest solution but they are very small and too soaked: I personally use them for disinfect the TWS headphones and other small devices. Finally he left you a series of clothes in microfibre useful for all screens: also in this case I had a good impression and I still use them.

How to sterilize the phone

We conclude our overview with another solution: use one sterilizer UV. There are many on the market, both large than in smaller versions, able to take up very little space. Take a look at the proposals below: there are devices for all tastes and for all budgets.

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