Honor X8 will not be alone: ​​in Europe also X7 and X9?

honor x7 x8 x9 mid-range smartphone europe

Honor is aiming clearly at Europe and after the series Magic 4, the mid-range series could grow not only by the possible X8, but also models X7 e X9. These possible smartphones would be nothing more than a revival of what has been seen in China, therefore with very specific objectives.

Honor X7, X8 and X9: who will the mid-ranges for Europe be inspired by?

Speaking of the new western line-up of the Honor series was leaker Teme, who explained that there would therefore be no one Honor X8, inspired byX30i Chinese, but also two other models which in turn will be rebrands of other smartphones. But which ones do they correspond to?

The first, Honor X7, would actually be the re-proposition of the model for Europe Play 30 Plus 5G, complete with a similar design Honor 60 and technical specifications of medium-basic level but still with a good battery from 5.000 mAh and the latest connectivity available. As for Honor X9 instead, the rebrand would come from X30 5G, smartphone with camera bumper inherited from the Magic series and which was the first in the world to mount it Snapdragon 695, as well as having a 120 Hz display.

In short, Honor will certainly aim to bring a decidedly accessible smartphone catalog but above all that responds to multiple needs of users, who have seen the only ones to date. Honor 50 e 50 Lite in our latitudes, which however have done well. We still don't know when the brand will want to launch them here, but we don't expect them beyond Q2 2022.

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