Gravastar Sirius review: bluetooth headphones with a super design

gravastar sirius

For several years now, we have included tech le accessories among our accessories bluetooth headphones. These devices, therefore, have conquered a huge slice of the market, creating a category of products in great demand. On the one hand, almost certainly for their ease of use, but this is just one of the reasons that led so many users to adopt these audio products. With the advent of smartphones, and consequently of all the functions related to the internet, music has been directed from the classic compact disks, passing through mp3 players, up to streaming services. Hence, therefore, the need to always have a pair of comfortable and practical earphones with you, so as to always remain connected. 

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music and others have contributed to profoundly modify the recording market. Millions of users, in fact, have decided to subscribe to these services, driven by the fact that they can always have a practically infinite library of songs available. Having the possibility, with a small subscription, to listen to what you want without any limit, is not so obvious. 

Gravastar is a very young company that only a few years ago, in 2019, decided to produce a very special audio device. From that moment, however, it did not stop at all and continued in the design of increasingly avant-garde solutions, especially from the design point of view. From here, therefore, comes the device that I want to show you today, that is Gravastar Sirius. This pair of bluetooth earphones, in fact, has a lot to offer in terms of audio quality and value for money, giving the user something different than what can be found elsewhere.

Gravastar Sirius review: the most spatial bluetooth headphones!


From the sales package it is immediately clear that this is at least an original device. It almost looks like something out of a science fiction film, boasting a rather futuristic plastic structure. Let's see, then, how the name of the product and the device itself are shown on the front on the left. Going to open this packaging we find the following accessories:

  • Gravastar Sirius;
  • three pairs of spare inflatables (S, M, L), for the ear cups;
  • chain to carry headphones on the move;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • short instruction manual, in English and Chinese.

Design & Materials

Gravastar Sirius are, perhaps, the strangest bluetooth headphones you will see in this 2022. I must say, in fact, that at first glance it is hard to classify them as such, they are so extreme in their design. Going to take a closer look at the custody however, a whole series of very particular details can be noticed, starting from the metal that covers it. The latter, therefore, gives a premium soul to the product, thus totaling a weight of only 95 grams about. Obviously it is not among the lightest on the market but, in daily use, it is not difficult to carry it with you in your pocket. As mentioned, the shapes are extreme and point upwards, showing the characteristic company logo on both sides. Other details, then, embellish the design, up to the truly unique opening system of the case. By clicking the small button on the right, therefore, the locking system snaps back and frees the earbuds.

gravastar sirius

Going to the lower frame we notice the presence of two black screws that hold the structure anchored. Beyond this, then, an entrance resides on this surface USB Type-C and the key for pairing of Bluetooth headphones with smartphone. 

There are really no downsides to the design of these earbuds, if it weren't for one single issue. After opening the flap it is really difficult to take the headphones, because there is no surface that makes a minimum of grip with our fingers. When you are on the move, therefore, it is not so immediate to bring these earphones to your ears. Beyond this aspect, once extracted, they show a rather unique but not unique style. From the shapes we notice a certain similarity with other similar devices released over the years, proposing a rounded upper shape that culminates with a more tapered part, the one that brings the audio to our pavilions. The Gravastar logo above still dominates, with the relative Status LED, as well as the company name on the side frame. Let's see how, on the other hand, i find space below magnetic pins for recharging, a proximity sensor, the microphone and the indication of the direction of the headphones (R or L). Only frontally, then, is the main microphone.

I must admit that these earphones are comfortable and it is not difficult to find the best solution for your pavilions, being able to take advantage of the three sizes supplied (S, M, L). With them 5 grams of weight, each, they are rather light and consequently do not tire the ear even after several hours of music reproduction. At least as far as I'm concerned, in fact, I never felt any particular pain, also isolating quite well from the outside world. They just come out a little too far and this is very easily noticed when wearing, but this is simply a matter of taste. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

Since this is a fairly common product, as a category, within the market it can be connected to any device equipped with a Bluetooth module. Therefore consoles, laptops, tablets and many other devices. I have never experienced any problems in this respect, both with the smartphone and with the Mac, Nintendo Switch and other terminals equipped with this technology. Here, then, we can count on Bluetooth 5.2, therefore one of the most updated versions ever. Just be careful not to stray too far from the device you are connected to, because in that case already after a few meters you could begin to lose connection, recording some problems during music playback.

gravastar sirius

Beyond the rather extensive compatibility, this pair of bluetooth headphones offers practically zero latency. However, we will analyze this aspect later. At the moment I can say that the connection with the smartphone has always been instantaneous, as well as with other accessories such as MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S and some PC Windows. There is no application that can modify, however, the audio performance of these headphones, so do not expect to be able to equalize the various frequencies with a special dedicated software. 

After years, by now, we have learned to understand that products of this type are totally dependent on certain types of characteristics, such as gesture. Here, then, with a single tap on the top right, or left, you put the song in Play / Pause. By double clicking on the left earphone, however, you go back to the previous song, while with a touch on the right one you go to the next one. From here on, however, the most interesting innovations arrive, which allow us to activate the "Movie Mode"Or the"Music Mode”, Changing the basic equalization only slightly. With three clicks on the right earphone, then, you switch from "Music Mode" to "Gaming Mode”, Thus reducing the latency to only 65ms. Holding down on the right side, therefore, lowers the volume by one level, while holding down to the right obtains the opposite result. With four clicks, on both sides, it is possible to activate Google Assistant on our smartphone, thus being able to impart actions to our voice assistant.

Audio & Microphone

gravastar sirius

Now let's see everything about the sound quality, one of the most important characteristics for such a product. And also in this respect, therefore, the Gravastar Sirius do not disappoint expectations. We are not at the level of depth of sounds expressed by devices such as AirPods and Huawei Freebuds 4, but the level is still more than satisfactory. There are the bassi and there is no preference for mid and high tones, a factor that contributes to making the sound quite full-bodied and engaging. But as I told you poco ago, these headphones allow you to take advantage of different types of audio, passing from "Gaming Mode" to "Movie Mode", without forgetting the "Music Mode". I must admit that I have not noticed very big differences from the point of view of audio quality, all being quite similar. On the other hand, with the "Gaming Mode" I could not fail to notice some small latency defects. It is a minimal delay, practically imperceptible to a less attentive eye, but it is there anyway. Playing a few hours on Call of Duty Mobile, in any case, I did not find major difficulties in ranked matches, being able to easily compete on the net with other players.

gravastar sirius

Analyzing everything concerning the part relating to calls I can tell you these Sirius have not behaved badly at all. Although in slightly more crowded places they suffer a little noise, in quieter places they offer good audio. Both for us and for our interlocutor. This, therefore, is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration, because more and more often this kind of devices are used in calls. It has rarely happened to hear a slight metallic noise, even when standing still, a sign that in terms of reception, perhaps there is still work to be done. Tell you, however, that theENC (Enhanced Noise Canceling) which exploits i two microphones integrated into the headphones has actually affected the audio quality would be too much, given that the isolation effect given by these in-ear headphones is already more than enough. I remind you, in any case, that the pads are soft and quite comfortable, allowing us to wear these headphones for several consecutive hours. 


Looking at the instruction booklet, the type of battery contained within each individual earphone is not specified. We know, however, which unit is inserted inside the case, that is 400 mAh. From this, therefore, it is clear that the maximum duration, playing on Spotity and some videos on YouTube, is poco less than 4 hours. It becomes clear, therefore, how Gravastar's headphones do not show astounding autonomy, coming to compete in any case with rivals in its same price range. 

gravastar sirius

With the 400 mAh case it is possible to power the headphones for poco less than four hours. Positive thing, however, is that thanks to its capacity it can fully recharge them up to almost three times. Forget, therefore, the classic powerbank!

Price & Conclusions

Gravastar Sirius is currently a product available on Official site at the price of 86 €. Find below the link to access the purchase page. 


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86,79 €

I believe that at this figure it is at least possible to think of being able to buy these earphones. It is not a high price or out of market, quite the opposite. It is a completely balanced pair of headphones, which offer good audio and an aesthetic that is second to none. Those who love to video games with their smartphone, but not only, will love these Sirius in several respects. Let's say that on a technical level they do not shine particularly, however showing an almost imperceptible latency that makes them good for gaming too. Obviously they do not reach the heights of other competing devices, but the comparison to this figure does not hold up: Gravastar has positioned them aggressively on the market, with the sole purpose of making them known to as many people as possible. Hence, therefore, their style so refined, which now seems to be a trademark of the brand. 

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