EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus review: never seen such lightweight gaming headphones

eksa air joy plus

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox are among the main consoles currently on the market. These brands, therefore, control a rather large slice of the public, sometimes supplanting the PC world. What he is often criticized for, however, is not having a great support on the accessories side, often adding devices with a quality that does not live up to expectations. Not so much for everything related to raw gameplay, therefore the gamepad, as much as for compatible audio devices. What better time, then, to show you this new pair of gaming headphones, Or the EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus. On their side, in fact, they have the advantage of being rather light, without many frills, going straight to the point of the situation. I will explain, therefore, what are their main qualities, and also the negative aspects, within this Full review

EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus review


I never leave with any great expectations regarding the sales package, especially if we talk about this company, but for one reason in particular: aesthetically they are all the same. With the exception of the design embossed on the front, which here specifically shows the Air Joy Plus, the colors and layout are identical. Inside, however, we find the following accessories:

  • EKSA Air Joy Plus;
  • USB-A / USB Type-C (female) cable for connecting to computers and consoles;
  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • leatherette bag for carrying the headphones.

Design & Materials

I have to admit that my first impressions weren't entirely positive, mainly due to the use of not exactly fine materials. On the other hand, however, the headphones immediately showed an almost unexpected feature: these Air Joy Plus are very light. According to what is reported on the official website, in fact, they show a weight of only 204 grams. Most likely it is not the lightest pair of earphones ever but they still play the primacy within this ranking, showing almost entirely plastic material. Even if it is a gaming product we do not find too flashy details, being equipped with a single metal component, the upper headband, which at the same time gives strength and flexibility to the entire body. 

eksa e3z air joy plus

As mentioned, therefore, there are no characteristic parts on this model. With the exception of some red details, such as the stripes along the pavilions and the logo imprinted inside them, we do not find any noteworthy components. They are rather simple headphones but well made, both in the internal and external parts. I tell you, therefore, that the two pavilions, always in leatherette, are able to contain the ears well, isolating us from the outside world. Then, in this case, an important feature is back, namely lightness. Even if the headband is not very comfortable, therefore, it is almost not felt once the Air Joy Plus are worn, allowing us to live an excellent videogame experience even for several consecutive hours. 

Unlike other products of the same brand, these Air Joy Plus are wired. A cable starts from the right earphone USB Type-C 2 meters long which allows us to connect these earphones to virtually any device that has this input. Beyond this, then, it is possible to activate / deactivate the microphone using a special button on the right pavilion, as well as manage the volume. Let's not forget, however, the integrated microphone, which is located on the left side, which can easily be positioned at any height. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

What is the strong point of these headphones? Answering this question is quite simple and can be summed up in one word: compatibility. As you will have understood, therefore, these Air Joy Plus can easily be connected to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 e 5, Xbox, Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and any other device with an input USB Type-C o USB-A, such as a laptop. Obviously, the same goes for smartphones: I personally have several devices, including a Google Pixel 4 without a mini jack input, and it was enough for me to connect the Type-C cable to the phone to be able to listen to any multimedia content played on the same. . In addition to lightness and comfort, therefore, this is another aspect that should not be underestimated. 

eksa e3z air joy plus

We have explored all the various connection possibilities of these headphones, except for one. By connecting the earphones to a Windows PC, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of the audio control software developed by EKSA over the years. From this point on, therefore, it is possible to manage every aspect of the headphones, from volume to equalization, without limits. Unlike what we had seen on EKSA E900 Pro, however, here we find another interface. Therefore, it is not the exact same system since, in any case, on the official website it is necessary to access another type of download. In any case it is possible, through this program, to exploit the Surround Sound 7.1 and activate / deactivate theENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation). Thanks to the latter, therefore, it is possible to communicate with our interlocutors without the noises of the room affecting the gameplay. 

Audio & Microphone

I won't tell you the price of these headphones in advance but I can tell you anyway that for what they cost they don't sound bad. I just think that the company in this case could have focused a little more on medium and high tones which, in my opinion, are too dull. Beyond this aspect, however, the E3Z Air Joy Plus are a model able to let you enter with both feet inside the gaming, projecting you into a new dimension. There is some problem with the equalization, as seen poco ago, but some of these problems can be remedied by means of the program developed by the brand on Windows. With it, therefore, it is possible to modify almost every aspect, greatly improving the sound quality of this device. 

eksa e3z air joy plus

And it is thanks to the modification program, available only on Windows, that we can exploit the potential of the 7.1 Surround Sound which makes the audio of these headphones even more spatial. Opening the software, therefore, we are immediately projected on this voice that allows us to enjoy a unique experience, effectively simulating the Surround effect. Beyond this, then, we find a couple of basic equalizations related to the world of gaming, in particular to two genres: i Moba and FPS. By going to “Stereo Sound (Music)”, however, we have the possibility to change the frequencies compared to a more classic use, therefore during the reproduction of classic music pieces. 

I still remind you that on these headphones it is possible to take advantage of the microphone during the most common phases of gaming and it is possible, again via software, to activate or deactivate the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation). 

Price & Conclusions

Going to analyze these headphones to the end, we can only fail to talk about the selling price. These EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus, therefore, they are currently proposed on the official website at a figure that is around 30 €

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Net of everything we have seen, I think they are the best solution in this area, while not showing such an attractive design as other competing products. They are very simple and unpretentious headphones that, however, want to impress not only from an audio point of view but also for the support. Thanks to the software developed specifically for them, in fact, we are able to modify practically every technical aspect, greatly improving the quality initially proposed by the company. In short, perhaps you have understood that this pair of earphones is not at all sorry and that we recommend it to anyone who wants to spend poco but still have a good performance, comfortable headphones, light and without too many frills. 

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