EKSA celebrates 9 years with its best gaming headphones on offer

eksa 9 anniversary offers gaming headphones discount code

Gaming, whether from PC, console or mobile, is now a consolidated reality for some time and increasingly pursued. There is certainly one of the most well-known and user-friendly brands EX, who for 9 years with his gaming headphones port accessible solutions for price and quality and which now, to celebrate its anniversary, brings many discount codes exclusive to its products already in offering.

EKSA 9th Anniversary: ​​the best gaming headphones of the brand on offer with discount code

eksa anniversary offers gaming headphones discount code 2

EKSA GT1 - TWS headphones

Let's open the roundup with some TWS headphones for gaming, the EKSA GT1, which therefore devote themselves more to a mobile gamer and aim to obtain low latency, up to 38 ms, during the game session. To this, however, is added the convenience of being able to switch between the modes Music and Gaming and above all to have some comforts touch controls. The offer for this product is based on a basic discount, but if you buy two pairs, you can get greater savings thanks to a discount code. To find out more, we also leave you there review.

EKSA E5 - ANC over-ear headphones

EX however, it is not just gaming and the headphones prove it Over Ear ANC E5, which thanks to the super battery from 920 mAh allows you to have a playtime of up to 60 hours, as well as an active cancellation up to 25 dB and an important comfort in order to isolate yourself from the daily hustle and bustle. Add to this an always excellent codec for noise reduction for calls Qualcomm cVc 8.0. The offer for these headphones goes for one discount code which brings them to a very attractive price.

EKSA E910 - Wireless Over-Ear Gaming Headphones

eksa e910

Returning to actual gaming, we can look at the EKSA-E910, which are equipped with Wireless USB technology a 5.8 GHz for added stability. Add to this a great sound thanks to the large drivers from 50 mm, as well as the switch to 7.1 sound mode, optimization based on the game genre and a microphone with ENC technology. You can buy these headphones on offer with a very convenient exclusive discount code of 5$. Here too, you can consult the review dedicated.

EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus - Headphone for Nintendo Switch

eksa e3z air joy plus

For gamers who love portable consoles Nintendo, EKSA E3Z Air Joy More are the ideal solution to have a comfortable and convenient product for yours Switch. Also equipped with a microphone ENC, it will never be a problem to play even in environments where perhaps there is more noise or in any case on the move. In any case, the compatibility is cross-platform. To buy them on offer, just use the Exclusive coupon of 10%. If you want to know how they go, we leave you there review.

EKSA E7000 Fenrir - gaming headset for Xbox

For those who use gaming platforms Microsoft, be it the PC or the Xbox, wired headphones EKSA E7000 Fenrir they can be the right choice to make for those who are perhaps a novice and do not want to spend a lot. This is thanks to the large Over-Ear drivers from 50 mm, but also at a convenient microphone which you can adjust up to 120° and compatibility for other platforms. Theinterface bright RGB werewolf theme. The product is already on offer, but if you buy two, you can get an additional discount thanks to the dedicated code.

We remind you that the promo for the 9th anniversary of EKSA is valid until March 31. The brand also adds non-giving benefits to these products poco for those who buy from the official store: in fact, in addition to the offers on all the products on the site, there is the Free Shipping for orders above i $45 and for all products there is one complimentary headphone stand. More information in the landing page. Note if you do not see the boxes, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


Free shipping on orders over $ 45

Free Headphone Stand for all orders

Discounts all over the site

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Until March 31 2022


The price indicated is for the purchase of two pairs of headphones.

The single pair is on offer at € 27.21

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Free shipping without applying the Coupon

Free headphone stand

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Free shipping for the purchase of two pairs;

Free headphone stand

Price for single product: 22.67 €

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