Xiaomi FIMI X8 Mini (Pro): the ultra-compact drone is back on sale from Europe

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Over the last few years we have learned about drones of the most disparate shapes and sizes. Despite this, not everyone is willing to have a 4K drone bulky and many continue to prefer compact and easy-to-carry models. If you are looking for such a solution then Xiaomi FIMI X8 Mini can only do for you: for price and features it can be an alternative to more expensive models and thanks to the new discount code la Pro version gets even more interesting and is now at an all-time low with shipping from Europe!

06 / 03 Update: FIMI's ultra-compact drone is back in the Pro version on a discount from Europe. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 Mini: everything you need to know about the 4K drone

fimi x8 mini features 4k drone price

The first feature that Xiaomi FIMI X8 Mini uses is undoubtedly its lightness, since it only weighs 250 grams (although there is a catch), for compact sizes from 145 x 85 x 56 mm (bent over). And as you can see in the image below, it fits perfectly in a bag, so it also fits comfortably in a backpack.

fimi x8 mini features 4k drone price

We said that the lightness of the new drone had an expedient, well this is dictated by battery: because the standard battery makes it weigh about 258 grams, while the other, which we could define as "professional", hence the difference in Pro model, even leads him to 245 grams. In any case, the battery module allows an autonomy of up to approx 31 minutes or 8 km. Battery also important for the controller, since it is a module from 3.500 mAh rechargeable via USB Type-C.

fimi x8 mini features 4k drone price

Moving on to the technical specifications, let's start from the fact that the FIMI X8 Mini can reach up to 16 m / s straight, 5 m / s uphill e 3.5 m / s downhill. For the 4K sensor used for photos and filming we have a camera SonyCMOS da 12 MP 1 / 2.6 ″, with a viewing angle of up to 80°. This sensor is mounted on a gimbal to 3 axes which allows for much more stable shooting.

For the expressed video quality, Xiaomi's partner drone uses the codec H.265 / HEVC, thus allowing a 4K shooting a 30 fps and a bitrate up to 100 Mbps. Photography has supported formats JPG e JPG + DNG. As for the flight modes, there are various, with resistance to wind 5, but also one SAR mode for a take with 3x digital zoom.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 Mini (Pro Version) discount code: price and offers

Il 4K drone of the partner of Xiaomi FIMI X8 Miniin Pro version, is on offer at the best price ever on Banggood, thanks to a new discount code dedicated and with a lot of shipping by European warehouses of the store. Below you will find the link to the purchase, together with the coupon to use: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

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