Like at the bar with Xiaomi: the Moka Seven & Me makes you coffee and frothed milk together

coffee maker moka milk warmer xiaomi youpin

After the coffee machine in capsules is that Blazer, let's take a look at a product that will not fail to excite both fans of the Chinese house and lovers of coffee and practicality. From Xiaomi YouPin comes the new version of the Moka Seven & Me coffee maker, solution equipped with integrated milk warmer, already available at a super price with discount code and shipping from Europe.

From Xiaomi YouPin the Moka coffee maker with milk warmer by Seven & Me | Discount code

coffee maker moka milk warmer xiaomi youpin

Equipped with touch controls, the device is able to prepare at the same time - and in just three minutes - both coffee and hot milk, in order to start the day with the right charge. There Moka coffee maker with milk warmer di Xiaomi YouPin, under the Seven & Me brand, is able to offer various types of drinks (espresso, hot milk, cappuccino, macchiato and milk foam) thanks to the presence of 5 programmed modes and the possibility of using both ground coffee or capsules of the Seven & Me brand.

coffee maker moka milk warmer xiaomi youpin

La coffeepot offers up to 60 ml of intense espresso, using 16 grams of ground coffee; as for it instead milk warmer, the device maintains the temperature at 60 ° and is capable of frothing up to 350 ml of milk in a flash.

La Moka coffee maker e milk warmer di Seven & Me Comes from Xiaomi YouPin but it is also available for us Westerners and now drops at a top price thanks to eBay, Complete with discount code dedicated and shipping from Europe. Find the purchase link and coupon below: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

Use the code PIT10PERTE2022 to get the price of 116.1 €!

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