With Xiaomi even home curtains become smart, spending money poco

xiaomi automatic smart curtain opener

Do you want a 100% smart home? Is home automation your thing? Then certainly a smart curtain opener motor and yes Xiaomi Mijia I put my hand in it… then there is certainly no lack of opportunity to save (by focusing on a respectable brand).

Xiaomi Mijia presents a new smart curtain opener, now on a flash offer

xiaomi automatic smart curtain opener

Similarly to other branded products Mi or also Aqara (to name a partner brand), the new engine open curtains di Xiaomi Mijia helps to make it even more smart your home, obviously with the usual minimal touch that Lei Jun's home has accustomed us to. The new Mijia device looks small but is able to "move" up to 12 kg about; in short, opening the curtains at home will certainly not be a problem! Inside there is a battery that can offer up to four months of autonomy; being an intelligent product, it is able to interface with the smartphone (there would also be voice controls, but only with the XiaoAI assistant).

xiaomi automatic smart curtain opener

L'open smart curtains di Xiaomi Mijia is available for us westerners thanks to AliExpress, obviously on a flash offer (since we love to save money). Below you will find the link to the purchase, where you will find the product at a discounted price: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock!


Aliexpress standard shipping € 6.7

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