Celly presents the latest news at MWC 2022: resistance, innovation, design and sustainability!

MWC 2022 celly

Celly - Italian brand of smartphone accessories - returns to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with many innovations and in particular three new lines of high quality accessories with a modern design, designed to accompany users at any time of the day. Snap Collection, Planet and Ultra line are Celly's new proposals at MWC 2022.

Snap, Ultra and Planet are Celly's new smart collections previewed at MWC 2022

MWC 2022 celly

For Snap, this is the new collection of supports Celly which, thanks to the interlocking fastening system with extra-secure hooking, guarantees maximum stability and resistance of the smartphone on any road and any vehicle. You can choose between one plate adhesive universal (€ 9.9) to be applied on the back of the smartphone or one cover with integrated hooking system (€ 24.9) that allow you to perfectly hook the device to the chosen support, both in a horizontal and vertical position.

The accessories in the range are many: in the car Snapvent (€ 24.9) fits comfortably on the air vent; in motion, however, you can choose between snapmirror (€ 39.9) - equipped with a mirror fixing system - e Snapmotorbike (€ 39.9), which applies to any standard size of handlebars thanks to the fixing with ultra-resistant screws and is also compatible with scooters; both can count on an adjustable head in inclination and 360 ° in rotation. Finally, bike lovers can rely on Snapbike (29.9 €), with handlebar fixing system, o snapflex (€ 49.9), with removable waterproof touch case with zip closure, suitable for smartphones up to 6.9 ". Both are compatible with all standard handlebar sizes and also with scooters. Celly's Snap line will be available from May.

Celly's novelties at MWC 2022 continue with Incredibly , The new cover designed to ensure maximum protection for the smartphone. Every detail is fine-tuned to deliver a high protection e resistance to shocks, maintaining an elegant style and extra-thin: all in just 2.8 mm thick. Ergonomic edges, non-slip texture, interior made of microfiber, raised and reinforced edges for the camera: all details that contribute to offering a top-level safety experience.

MWC 2022 celly

You can choose between the Ultra cover (24.9 €) and UltraMag (€ 29.9): the latter is even smarter thanks to the integrated Magsafe module, compatible with Apple's wireless charging technology. Both are available since March.

Complete the picture by the line of cover Planet: it is about the project green by Celly, designed for those looking for a more sustainable option for the environment, without sacrificing maximum safety and design. With this new range, a sustainable production of products certified by the Global Recycled Standard comes to life, which not only guarantees the use of recycled materials but also ensures compliance with specific environmental and social criteria at all stages of production. Planet is also totally eco-friendly, even in the packaging, being 100% plastic-free.

The smartphone covers are made of soft touch and 100% recycled TPU. They are compatible with iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro (available in purple, red and black colors) and with Samsung S22 (in black and white colors). Availability is set for May, with prices starting from € 14.9.

Celly ProscreenEVO: a tailor-made protection service for any device

MWC 2022 celly

Proscreen EVO is a plotter that allows you to create customized protective films for a wide range of devices: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, camera screens, portable consoles and satellite navigators. Backed by an extensive compatibility database that is updated on a weekly basis and which now also includes tablets up to 11 ”, ProscreenEVO allows you to cut universal films according to the size of the selected model, creating protective films for any device in just a few minutes.

Small, silent and easy to use: ProscreenEVO aligns the sheet automatically and in the film cutting phase is 30% faster than the previous version of Proscreen. Thanks to the ease of cutting it is possible to have protective films for every type of device (even curved ones).

There are many types of films available which differ in texture and characteristics. Standard film is available with finish Clear - 100% transparent - e Matt- equipped with anti-fingerprint surface and anti-flash treatment. The film AntibacterialInstead, it is made from a silver ion-based antimicrobial compound that kills bacteria. It is also 100% transparent and anti-fingerprint. While the film Privacy allows you to keep your data safe: in fact, the more the inclination of the smartphone increases, the more the screen darkens, thus preventing other people from reading and seeing what is on the screen. Furthermore, with ProscreenEVO it is possible to cut films for the back of the devices.

Finally, thanks to customization Proskin you can change the style of your smartphone thanks to 5 different textures: carbon fiber, marble, metallic finish (available in 4 colors), faux leather and glitter (available in 3 colors).

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