Atomstack A10 Pro review: the laser engraver with touch display

Do you think that making incisions and cuts on different types of material is prohibitive? Wrong, in the last year - in fact - the laser engraver market has grown a lot and today we tell you about one of the most interesting products for value for money, the laser engraver Atomstack A10 Pro.

Atomstack A10 Pro review

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Package contents and assembly

The engraver introduces himself completely disassembled, however, going to complete the assembly is really very simple. The operations to be done are intuitive and, even if you couldn't figure it out, you can rely on the guided assembly. The company, in fact, on its YouTube channel has made available a short tutorial that will guide you step by step in the assembly of the laser engraver.

How to use the Atomstack A10 Pro laser engraver

Also 'Atomstack A10 Pro, like most engravers on the market, it can be used with two generic laser engraver software. We refer to light burn (available for Windows and Mac) which offers a trial period, only to become paid for e GRBL Laser, available, however, only for Windows. The last one, completely free.

Once the software is printed to activate theLaser engraver, all you have to do is upload the image you want to engrave, a simple PNG will suffice. Once you have chosen the image, you will then have to set and set the software according to the type of material you are going to engrave (or even cut). An example? In case you decide to engrave on wood, you will not have to set too high a power, or you will have a yield poco clear.

Unlike many similar products, the Atomstack A10 Pro it is characterized by the possibility of being controlled by an external display, which communicates with the machine via HDMI cable.

Atomstack A10 Pro - User experience

As we said at the beginning, using this type of products is no longer prohibitive, on the contrary, it is definitely within everyone's reach. Since mountingin fact, the Atomstack A10 Pro it shows up extremely user friendly, able to be used immediately through one of the two software (very simple).

At the same time, in this model we find the plus of being able to control all the engraving processes through the external display, which is magnetically attached to the printer itself.

Price and conclusions

How convenient is it to buy this laser engraver today? We must first of all specify that, to use this product, there is a need for suitable spaces and with a recirculation of air. That said, the Atomstack A10 Pro it really surprised us: in particular, the engraving method is precise to the millimeter and does not damage the machined surfaces. If you are interested in buying it, below you will find a coupon to pay 531 €.

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