Xiaomi Pad 5 is safe from prying eyes with the new privacy-saving film

xiaomi pad 5 glass film save privacy anti spy

Xiaomi's new tablet has already debuted for some time (take a look at ours too review) and obviously it sold like hot cakes, as expected. The terminal was launched with various original accessories, then also accompanied by many other third-party solutions. However, the Chinese house has not finished yet and recently launched at home (but we hope it comes to us too) a practice privacy-saving film per Xiaomi pad 5 at a super affordable price.

Xiaomi launches the privacy-saving film for Pad 5, the glass against spies

The product arrives under the name of Xiaomi Tab Privacy Tempered Protective Film and, as pointed out, it is designed specifically for the brand's tablet. It is a anti-spy tempered glass, which allows you to keep your display away from prying eyes Xiaomi pad 5. The peculiarity compared to a normal film lies in the ability to "change color" based on the viewing angle of the screen. Positioned in front there will be no problems, but looking from the side you will notice only one screen overshadowed.

xiaomi pad 5 glass film save privacy anti spy

Obviously this is not an absolute novelty, given that films of this type already exist on the market. However, it is interesting to note how Xiaomi continues to focus on its tablet and enrich the package. In fact, we are struggling with yet another original accessory, later the keyboard cover and the Smart Pen, two fundamental products to fully enjoy the Xiaomi tablet (but still optional, God forbid).

xiaomi pad 5 glass film save privacy anti spy

At the moment the new privacy-saving film per Xiaomi pad 5 is available for purchase only in China, priced at about 14 € at the exchange rate (i.e. 99 yuan). However, the arrival also for us Westerners - perhaps thanks to one of the "usual" stores - is not to be excluded, so we are waiting for further details.

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