Personal care is done in 3 with the Xiaomi offer

xiaomi offer hair dryer toothbrush shaver personal care

Personal care is certainly something essential for everyone, but it must be done with the right products. Maybe, even trying to save something, as in the case of the trio in offering Xiaomi su TomTop, including thehairdryer Mijia H500, the sonic toothbrush Mijia T100 and the razor Enchen Blackstone 3.

The toothbrush, the hairdryer and the Xiaomi razor are on offer on TomTop

xiaomi offer hair dryer toothbrush shaver personal care 2

The Xiaomi-branded trio therefore starts fromMijia H500 negative ion hair dryer, which is distinguished by a power from 1.800W, which we can set in 3 drying modes and 2 speeds for the delivered air. This is combined with the intelligent control of the same appliance allows to have a constant temperature and never harmful to the hair.

xiaomi offer hair dryer toothbrush shaver personal care 4

Moving on to the toothbrush Mijia T100, we then have a sonic model from 16.500 turns per minute, which can be used in two cleaning modes. In the setting of brushing for 2 minutes moreover, the same brush will send you a vibration as a reminder every 30 seconds to change the area to be cleaned.

Finally, the razor Enchen Blackstone 3, with waterproof IPX7, but also an independent 3D moving head and above all, with an almost empty battery, thanks to the ESM smart anti-beard system maintains a constant rotation speed.

xiaomi offer hair dryer toothbrush shaver personal care 3

To purchase these products, you can then refer to the TomTop, which discounts them to you both in the flash offer and with a discount code at a really affordable price, combined with fast shipping. Find the links in the boxes below: if you do not view them correctly, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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