Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro: the first clues about prices in Europe appear

xiaomi 12 pro europe price

After a period of silence we return to talk about Xiaomi 12 e 12 Pro in the Global version, this time with some rumors regarding the price of the top range in Europe. Let's find out what awaits us and - above all - if the flagship triptych will debut at an advantageous price or not.

Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro Global: how much will they cost in Europe?

According to the first rumors relating to the price of the 12 series in Europe, we will have to deal with three models: Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro and there will also be room for the "small" 12X. We do not know if the latter will come with this name or if there will be changes (such as 12 Lite). Starting from the top model, the big brother Xiaomi 12 Pro will be available in 8/128 GB and 12/256 GB versions, with prices that will fluctuate between € 1000 and € 1200. Moving on to the middle model, namely the compact Xiaomi 12 flagship, we are talking about versions from 8/128 GB and from 8/256 GB and a price included between € 800 and € 900.

xiaomi 12s

The most convenient of the triptych will be the 12X, available in 8/128 GB and 8/256 GB denominations for one figure included between € 600 and € 700. In short, it will start from a base price that is not exactly exciting: remember that the Mi 11 was launched at € 799.9 and € 899.9 in Italy while the current 11T and 11T Pro are offered at around € 549.

All three smartphones will be available in blue, black and purple colors. Obviously it is about rumors, apparently from internal sources, but which still remain the same as rumor. We do not yet know when the new models of the Xiaomi 12 series will be presented in Europe and Italy and we look forward to news. Want to know more about the latest top devices? So here is a series of insights.

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