Samsung Galaxy S22 is tinged with gold… literally!

samsung galaxy s22 caviar edition gold titanium carbon

The Russian company, which has become famous for making the top of the range even more expensive and original, is once again proposing its "art". After customized theiPhone 13 with a touch of prehistory and after having sent Huawei Mate 40 Pro on Mars with the Space Trek collection, this time for Caviar it's the turn of the series Samsung Galaxy S22, which is even tinged with gold, and that's not a way of saying!

Samsung Galaxy S22 reinterpreted by Caviar: carbon fiber, 24 kt gold and titanium for the top of the range

samsung galaxy s22 caviar edition gold titanium carbon

The top of the range series signed Samsung has landed since poco on the market, and has already attracted attention - especially from one of the most original Russian companies on the web. Caviar, for the "modest" figure of approximately €5.770, will provide you with a Samsung Galaxy S22 with a titanium finish on the back of the smartphone instead of that "boring" back cover in "simple" glass. The six custom skins are inspired by the Art Nuveau and are called Titanium, Victory, Drive, Bird of Prey, Great Gatsy and Ocelot, all available for models Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ e Galaxy s22 ultra.


The customizations are made with materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, crocodile leather and in the version Ocelot, the most expensive (solo €6.310), we even find a galvanic bath in the24 gold kt at the top of the smartphone and titanium PVD at the bottom. To get this brilliant creation you have to hurry, though: Caviar pointed out that it will only produce 99 models of each skin. It takes about two weeks of work to get one Galaxy S22 with original back cover, handmade and limited edition. What are you waiting for, then? Have you already chosen your favorite?

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