Red Magic 7 and 7 Pro: everything you need to know

Red Magic 7

We are still enjoying the model 6SPro but here it is finally Red Magic 7 e 7 Pro, the new top of the gaming range by nubian have arrived: in this article you will find all the details regarding the technical specifications, sale price and availability on the market.

Red Magic 7 and 7 Pro: all about Nubia's new gaming flagships

Design and display

The new Red Magic 7 e 7 Pro they are finally official: we had already appreciated them thanks to the very particular video, starring the kittens, who had unveiled the design at the beginning, but now we are ready to get to know them better and discover all the innovations introduced by Nubia.

As expected, we have the return of a super aggressive look and futuristic, with a glass and aluminum body that winks at gaming. Below is an image that puts a discussion panel Red Magic 7 with Red Magic 7 Pro: the two smartphones have a conceptually similar look, but offer a photographic module with different layouts. In the first we have a vertical orientation, with a narrow and elongated module; in the case of the older brother there is instead a more squared camera. Furthermore the Red magic 7 pro it is also the first gaming smartphone with camera under the display!

For the details of the screen, we have the return of a panel AMOLED da 6.8" Full HD + with a refresh rate of up to 165 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 720 Hz. The big brother offers the same diagonal but the refresh rate drops to 120 Hz (albeit with touch sampling at 920 Hz). The fingerprint reader is positioned under the display while along the right edge there are the timeless triggers. It is about buttons touch that allow you to enjoy the games to the fullest, now even more more reactive.


qualcomm snapdragon 8 jan 1

As anticipated from the start, either Red Magic 7 is Red magic 7 pro they arrive with it on board Snapdragon 8 Gen1, Qualcomm's latest top chipset. On the memory side, both offer type RAM L and storage UFS 3.1. Then there is the independent chip Red Core No. 1, a solution designed specifically for gaming that allows you to manage the soundbrightnessvibrationtouch sampling and 3D rendering, regardless of the Snap 8 Gen 1.

Moving on to the battery, we have differences both in terms of capacity and fast charging. For Red Magic 7 we are talking about a unit from 4.500 mAh with support to 125w while for the 7 Pro model it goes up to 5.000 mAh with support for fast charging from ben 135w.

Everything is cooled by an advanced ICE system (8.0): we have the usual fan to which the gaming range has accustomed us, accompanied by a piastra of heat dissipation to the liquid (with steam room) even wider.

The rest of the features include stereo speakers with SmartPA support, a 165W GaN charger in the box (always a pleasure), the mini-jack input for the headphones, a physical button to enter the game mode, the Wi-Fi 6. and RedMagic OS 5.0.


Red Magic 7

Moving on to the photographic sector, we expected a leap forward with a quad room but unfortunately we find on board both models a triple form. We find a main sensor from 64 MP with wide angle from 8 MP and macros from 2 MP, the same solution for both. What changes is the selfie camera: in the case of the basic model we have a module from 8 MP while for the older brother we are talking about a sensor from 16 MP. In the first case, the camera is set in a thin upper frame while for the 7 Pro we find the aforementioned UDC, Under Screen Camera: as highlighted poco above, it is the first gaming smartphone with camera under the display.

Red Magic 7 - Price and output

We conclude with an overview dedicated to price di Red Magic 7 e 7 Pro, obviously with regard to the Chinese market. The standard 8/128 GB model is offered a about 555 € at the current exchange rate (3999 yuan) while the increased variant from 12/256 GB (in the Deuterium Transparent Version incarnation) debuts at €681 at the exchange rate, or 4899 yuan. Moving on to Red Magic 7 Pro with camera in the display, the price starts from 4799 yuan, approximately €667 at the exchange, for the 8/128 GB version. It then rises to 5299 and 7499 yuan (€737 e €1042) for the 12/256 GB model and the super version with 18 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage (in both cases in the Deuterium Blade Transparent Version incarnation).

As for the launch in Europe, Red Magic has confirmed that the new series will arrive on 22 February (with sales starting March 10).

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