Red Magic 7 Pro with camera below the display: confirmation arrives

red magic 7

The new series Red Magic 7 is in the pipeline: the month of February will see the launch of gaming smartphones and now we are starting to talk about yet another novelty. According to a well-known Chinese insider, gaming smartphones could have a very particular version, with a camera under the display.

Upgrade 14 / 02: the Red Magic 7 series will have a smartphone with a camera under the display. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

Red Magic 7 and 7 Pro: will there be a version with a camera below the display?

Red Magic 7

We have already seen that Red Magic 7 e 7 Pro will come in a variant with shell transparent, as shown by the first promotional video (dedicated to the Chinese New Year, the year of the tiger and with protagonists a slew of kittens). Apparently this will not be the only novelty in terms of style: the range could also have a completely full screen version thanks to a camera under the display. The indiscretion comes from DigitalChatStation, a very informed insider on the news at home. In short, the Red Magic 7 series could host the first gaming smartphone equipped with this technology.

red magic 7

It wouldn't be so unreal to imagine given the presence of Nubia - and consequently of ZTE - behind Red Magic. The Chinese house is now a veteran in terms of Under Screen Camera and to find out more just take a look at our review of it ZTE Axon 30 5G.

Red Magic 7 Pro, confirmation arrives: there will be a version with a camera under the display

red magic 7 pro camera under display 10/02

After landing on the Tena and the various rumors coming from the official video teaser, a detail of a further teaser on Weibo confirms that the series Red Magic 7 will be the first to have a smartphone with a camera under the display. The detail can be found right on the body of what appears to be the Transparent Edition of model 7 Pro, which also looks different in the rear camera bumper.

red magic 7 pro camera under display 10 / 02-2

Clearly, we cannot give for sure the model that will actually equip itself with this feature, but already having a confirmation that there will be a device of this type represents a small turning point.

Red Magic 7: the camera under the display is official | Update 14/02

red magic 7

After rumors, indiscretions, stolen images, finally here comes the confirmation official: the Red Magic 7 series will have a model with camera under the display, perhaps the Pro variant. The company has published a super explicit poster, in which it is revealed that we will be dealing with the first gaming smartphone with UDC (Under Screen Camera) technology. Obviously, we expect a second generation solution from the plate ZTE, with density from 400 PPI. However, for the technical details it is better to wait for the launch event.

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