Red Magic 7: how the Red Core No.1 gaming chipset works

red magic 7 independent chipset red core no.1 gaming

Red Magic 7 does not stop adding high-level innovations to its technical data sheet and in this case, it was the turn of the independent chipset Red Core No. 1. This hardware solution will allow you to elevate gaming like never before, marking an important step for the category.

Upgrade 15 / 02: new official details reveal how the integrated chip in the Red Magic 7 series will work. Find all the information in the article.

Red Magic 7: Gaming will be a titanic experience with Red Core No. 1

To announce this interesting addition is the brand through a teaser on Weibo, comparing the efficiency of the chipset to the Thanos glove, approaching the Red Core No. 1 to the Infinity Stone of the Reality (the red one) able to fulfill every desire, but also to that of Power (which is purple, but was initially red) as Marvel fans know.

This is because the independent solution that we will find on Red Magic 7 will allow you to manage in a totally detached way from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 the sound, brightness, vibration, touch sampling and 3D rendering. In short, a platform totally devoted to gaming, like never before on a smartphone.

red magic 7 independent chipset red core no.1 gaming 2

Made in collaboration with chipmaker Awinic and the JD Esports organization, the Red Core No.1 chip is entrusted with four main tasks:

  • Side buttons: the keys placed on the frame of Red Magic 7 will enjoy a touch response in a few milliseconds, sampling of the touch at 500 Hz, many customizations and optimization algorithms
  • Haptic feedback: Dual X-Axis linear motor will offer 160% increased vibration intensity and response of only 1 millisecond
  • Speaker: the chip will optimize the audio output, improving the whole range of low / medium / high frequencies in terms of gaming
  • RGB lights: The lights on the back of Red Magic 7 will be able to count on 16,8 million effects for gaming

From this we can deduce that Red Magic is ready to create an important precedent for the category, increasingly growing and increasingly a priority for mobile gaming, given the great consideration that is being given to all the details of the next smartphone. To find out more, we leave you thededicated in-depth study.

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