OnePlus 10 Pro is ready: that's when it will officially arrive in Europe

oneplus 10 pro europe

Finally the debut of OnePlus 10 Pro begins to become more concrete for theEurope, a geographic market so far neglected by the company for its new top of the range. Ever since it became a sub-brand of OPPO and since Huawei left the smartphone market, the strategy has been to target China as well. So far, in fact, the motherland had not been a particularly important market for OnePlus, thanks to a rather ruthless competition in the top range. Precisely for this reason, for the first time in its history the company launched its annual top of the range first in China than in the West.

OnePlus 10 Pro is coming: the company talks about the launch in Europe

But after a few months, OnePlus 10 Pro is ready to debut also in Europe, as well as in North America and India. And to say it are not the leakers, but OnePlus itself, stating that its top of the range will be available by the end of March 2022. We don't have a precise official date yet, then, but it's less than a month away from its western launch.

2021 was the best year for OnePlus in terms of sales and turnover, mainly driven by the Nord series (for which I am various news on the way). The high-end is also doing well, with the OnePlus 10 Pro proving to be the best-selling OnePlus smartphone across multiple platforms in China, with over 100 million yuan generated in seconds. In all of this, they are also expected to debut OnePlus 10 basic, but also One Plus 10R and the elusive OnePlus 10Ultra,

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