Nubia like Samsung and Apple: Z40 Pro will not have the charger in the package?

nubia z40 pro certification 3c charger

Now very little is missing from the launch date of Nubia Z40 Pro, new top of the Chinese house. Although the wait is almost over, the future flagship continues to surprise with new rumors even if this time it is "bad news"; Z40 Pro it could follow in the wake of stellar names such as Samsung and Apple and arrive without a “vital” accessory (for some) in the box.

Nubia Z40 Pro: 3C certification reveals a big absentee in the package

nubia z40 pro certification 3c charger

Less than a week from the launch date in the Chinese market, Universal Z40 BESS was spotted in the 3C entity database under model number NX701J. The certification would reveal the absence of the charger inside the packaging of the next signed flagship Nubia, and in this one cannot fail to notice a certain similarity with the corporate decisions adopted by Samsung ed Apple (that could gradually become the dominant trend ...).

nubia z40 pro certification 3c charger

We do not yet know if the motivation for this decision is linked to an eco-sustainable policy, nor if there is a connection with magnetic wireless charging technology of which Z40 Pro would be gifted. The future flagship is in fact powered by a 4.200 mAh with fast charging support up to 120 W, but users will likely need to purchase a dedicated charger to use it. We just have to wait a few more days to find out if Nubia Z40 Pro have a few more twists in store!

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