Huawei Watch GT Runner review: a Personal Trainer at your WRIST!

The year it is from poco concluded it was very productive for Huawei: the products it presented were many and personally I literally loved some of them. In recent months I have told you about the two flagship watches of the Chinese company, the Watch 3 Pro and Watch 3, two smartphones with similar features and designs that appeal to a different audience.

The offer is further expanded with the birth of the new GT Runner, a smartwatch dedicated mainly to runners (professionals and not, and I will explain why) with a very light design and some technical goodies that make it part of the list of the best watches for the race, by law. Of course this does not mean that professional runners should put their Garmins in the drawer, known to be the best among professional smartwatches, but the new generation of runners could seriously be convinced.

Huawei Watch GT Runner review

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Design and Display

I had the opportunity to participate in the Italian presentation event of this new one Watch GT Runner of Huawei and the strong point from an aesthetic point of view is undoubtedly its extreme lightness: GT Runner weighs, in fact, only 38.5 grams about 4 less than the GT 3 variant (obviously straps excluded).

The way in which Huawei has managed to contain the weight is linked to the materials used: we move from the ceramic of the traditional model to the composite fiber of this new one. GT Runner which helps to make the watch resistant and light on the wrist at the same time when worn.

I materialsmoreover, they are also and above all effective during running sessions even for those who, like me, sweat a lot in these scenarios: I found the silicone strap incredibly soft even when worn and this is one of the main aspects that, according to me, makes the Watch GT Runner almost imperceptible on the wrist. In addition, the company has created the strap with buttonholes (similar to those used to attach it to the wrist) along the entire strap to improve breathability even more.

This concept of breathability also follows in the upper part of the watch where Huawei has inserted two flaps, if we want to define them, to improve the flow of air on the wrist and make the wrist sweat less and less, making the measurements made by the sensor even more reliable.

Speaking of the sensor, this has been inserted in contact with the wrist protected by a small 2.5D curved glass case that catches the eye given the different materials. On the side frame, then, the company has inserted a Home button for the classic functions of switching on, switching off, unlocking and moving in the various system menus using the rotating bezel and in addition another "Sport Lap" button that allows you to enter the sports activities menu. Then there is the speaker and the microphone always along the frame. It is also certified impermeability with a manufacturer's warranty up to 5 ATM

What has remained practically unchanged compared to the GT 3 is undoubtedly the display: we are talking, for those who do not know, of a display AMOLED from 1,43 inches with HD resolution 466 x 466. As already said for its younger brother, I found this display complete: under direct sunlight it can be seen very well, it has a high brightness and an equally good definition.

I found the oleophobic treatment has also been improved that on the GT 3 had not particularly convinced me even if Huawei, officially, did not claim to have worked on this front. Just to close the aesthetic and constructive discourse, the colors of this Watch GT Runner are two: traditional black like mine in testing and a yellow gray that I tried during the launch event and I must say I liked it very much!

Hardware and Performance

As already seen on the Huawei Watch GT 3, the company has also stated here poco and nothing about the processor used and the other specs that we nerds like to analyze and discuss. We know for sure that the internal memory is equal to 4GB: more than half is occupied for the pre-installed apps and the operating system, while the other half is available to install other apps from the Huawei store or copy music in MP3 format via the 'app.

Among the greats absent we find connectivity Wi-Fi as well as NFC for payments (which at the moment cannot be used even on the GT3 Pro which is equipped with it).

You can answer calls directly from the Watch GT Runner e speak hands-free; the audio coming from the speaker is of good quality, the sound is clear and the voice of our interlocutor is clear and audible. It is very useful to pair bluetooth earphones to answer from the Watch or even listen to music without bringing your mobile phone.


As for the software of this Huawei GT Runner there is a lot to say, so don't rush to find out how it goes. First let's talk about HarmonyOS on board the watch: the latter is compatible with both Android and iOS, but if you have an iPhone it is good that you know the waivers that you will have to consider.

If you pair the SmartWatch with an Apple device, the absent functions are different: calls can be answered n and notifications cannot be answered (which on Android are supported, for example, with Emoji of all kinds or with a series of quick responses that can be customized via the 'app), you cannot upload music to the Watch but above all you cannot download applications from the App Gallery, and this is perhaps the biggest limitation. However, the true functions for which this smartwatch is born are absolutely not affected on any platform.

I'm talking about the monitoring of sports activities, and in detail about running which is the main sport that Huawei is targeting with this GT Runner; I have been a user in the past (when I was running seriously 5 times a week with an average of about 4.45min / km) of products Garmin and I have always found them very complete for this sport, but this GT Runner, I'll be honest, it made me think again.

Through the 'app on smartphone there is an immeasurable amount of training programs for running, divided by levels and by objectives: beginners, in my opinion, are the perfect target for these new features introduced by Huawei as the simple and clear interface favors an understanding immediate without the use of technical terms or other details that may discourage newbies.

Le sections in which the courses are divided are, in essence, three: fat burning runs, cardio workouts and workouts by duration. In each of these sections there are several types of training depending on your physical shape and state of health, and once you have chosen the most suitable one there are the indications to follow (for example, 3 minutes of walking, 40 of jogging and 3 fast walking for an intermediate level fat-burning run) which are also readily reported on the watch during the run.

La problems which over the years I have noticed with my old Garmin running watch (but also with my current Apple Watch Series 5) resides in the GPS and in the tendency to disconnect in particular situations (dense bush, areas with many buildings): the GPS Dual Band of this GT Runner clears this problem and in practically no scenario I have noticed signal losses, and moreover also at the start of each workout the signal fix it's super fast (as long as you are already outside when you open a new workout).

The new sensor TruSeen 5.0+Moreover, it is what really makes the difference: comparing the results with a heart rate monitor I realized that the difference with the Huawei sensor is about 1-2 beats, practically nothing if we consider that it is a watch.

Furthermore, during training, the Watch is able to measure training distance, calories burned, Vo2Max, pace and heart rate and the recording of these parameters allows the GT Runner to process and calculate the RAI, or the Running Ability Index which in substance is an indicator that provides us with metrics over time and allows us to monitor our improvements in the sports field.

Furthermore, thanks to this indicator, Huawei is able to calculate recovery times between one workout and another to avoid injuries, especially according to the stress parameters measured during training: depending on how stressful the session was for our body (and it can be seen from the heartbeat, for example) the clock suggests the more or less exact time to let pass before training again.


The highlight of the Huawei GT Runner is autonomy: the company guarantees a battery life of up to 14 days if you use the smartwatch as a classic watch to read notifications and nothing more. The real autonomy with at least one training session every two days of about one hour is equal to about 7-9 days.

Lisa Migliorini, Fitness influencer and runner - Official Huawei presentation event

However, the charging times are very short: in about an hour and a half you can completely charge the watch via wireless with the magnetic base included in the package.

2 Minute Review

Huawei Watch GT Runner is finally a valid alternative to Garming products, which have always been the undisputed leader in the running sector. What is certain is that this smartwatch is not among the most "smart" ever given the partial interaction with notifications, the absence of Wi-Fi and NFC, but in the sports sector at the moment it is among the most complete products in existence. on the market.

Price and Considerations

HUawei Watch GT Runner is sold officially at € 299 except for any promotions available on the Huawei store itself; at the time of writing and for a few more days, for example, you can buy it for € 269 with a pair of Freebuds 4i as a gift.

The Huawei smartwatch is an interesting product for newbies in the race above all, because thanks to the virtual coach and artificial intelligence it will be possible to be more incentivized to do sports with criteria and without improvisations. Even the most experienced runners will find satisfaction in this Watch GT Runner because the sophisticated new generation sensors ensure, concretely, precise measurements.


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