PagoPA payments without commissions: the novelty of Revolut is free

how to pay pagopa fees without commissions free revolut

Thanks to the system paymentPAmaking payments to public administrations and public service providers has become very simple. It only takes a few steps and a couple of clicks to pay tributes, cups, utilities, straight lines, stamps and so on and now everything is even easier with Revolut, which now allows you to make payments with pagoPA without commissions: let's see how to use this service for free.

How to pay taxes, fees, utilities with pagoPA and Revolut, without commissions

how to pay pagopa fees without commissions free revolut

Recently Revolut has introduced a very respectable novelty, namely the possibility of carrying out payments towards the public administration through the circuit paymentPA, without commissions. This is an important aspect since in some cases there are additional costs (even up to 2 / 2.5 €). In case you haven't tried Revolut and its benefits yet we recommend that you sign up: it's free and allows you to access a whole range of services and benefits in a flash.

How to make a pagoPA payment with Revolut, without commissions.

  1. Update the application.

    It is advisable to update the Revolut app to the latest version available as pagoPA payments are one of the latest news.

  2. Open the Payments tab.

    Once you have the latest version of the app ready, start it and touch the icon with the two arrows to open the tab dedicated to Payments.

  3. Scan a payment notice.

    On the new screen, touch the QR Code icon at the top right and proceed with scanning the QR code inside the payment notice you are interested in.

  4. Conclude the payment.

    Once you have scanned the code, check the details on the screen, then approve the payment to proceed with the same.

In this way you will have made the pagoPA payment you are interested in in a flash and the important detail is that everything happened without commissions, completely free. Furthermore, the receipts of the various payments are clearly visible in the list of transactions carried out: they will therefore always be at hand. Before leaving you, since we talked about QR codes in the guide, here you are a practical tutorial on how to read them on every occasion.

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