Stop with Spotify? Take your playlist with you

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Spotify is undoubtedly the streaming music service most used in the world, but we can't always call it the best in the industry. But if this is a discourse that can be done on the level of sound quality, we can't say about the amount of music present. And if you are considering migrating from Spotify to another streaming service like Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music o Tidal, in this guide we will explain how to move your playlists from one program to another.

How to move playlists from Spotify to Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal or others

The process might seem "arduous", but with today's possibilities, it has become really very simple. How? Using a very convenient program or better, a web app called Tune My Music, which allows you just to move your playlists from Spotify to many other music services such as the aforementioned Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube (both Music and Video), Tidal and even less common ones like Qobuz e Deezer. Below, we bring you the process.

  1. Link your Spotify account to Tune My Music

    The first procedure you are going to do is to link your account Spotify to the site of Tune My Music, simply by logging in by choosing the service from those to move playlists from spotify 02

  2. Select the playlist to move

    Once logged in, it will be necessary choose the playlist to move, which can be loaded directly from your account or, if you need one in particular, you can copy the URL da Spotify and paste it in the appropriate to move playlists from spotify 03

  3. Choose the destination music streaming service

    Finally, it will be enough for you choose the music streaming service you have chosen for a new subscription, you will have to log in here as well, so from finally have your playlist you had on Spotify on the new program. You can also choose to export it as TXT file or CSV or simply share the URL on social networks. how to move playlists from spotify 04

This was the very simple guide to being able to move your playlists from Spotify to other streaming music services. Recall that the basic version of Tune My Music it's free, but if you want additional benefits, the site offers cheap paid plans. For those who want an alternative to use on their iPhone as an application, you can look at SongShift, very useful for those who use it especially Apple Music.

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