How to have high quality audio with wireless headphones on Xiaomi

xiaomi true wireless headphones

Did you know that the MIUI of smartphones Xiaomi allows you to make the most ofhigh quality audio of the wireless headphones matched? Digging deep into Xiaomi's proprietary interface, you often discover features that might escape the eye of an inattentive user. For this reason, today I want to explain how to ensure that your Bluetooth headphones can deliver audio with the best sound quality.

How to enable high quality audio support with wireless headphones on Xiaomi

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Go to your phone's Settings and click on "Bluetooth"

  2. Click on the arrow on the right on the section relating to paired wireless headphones

  3. Scroll down and enable the "AAC" toggle

xiaomi true wireless headphones

By doing so, you will ensure that the wireless headphones you have connected to the Xiaomi smartphone can take advantage of the AAC codec. But what does it consist of?

What are the advantages of the AAC codec?

An acronym for Advanced Audio Coding, the AAC codec was created by the MPEG body as a successor to the historic MP3 standard. The first advantage is in terms of space saved: estimates tell us that a 10 MB file can go down to 8 MB. But the advantage is also in terms of quality: while taking up less space, an AAC file can sound better. If an MP3 file can sample a frequency spectrum from 16 to 48 kHz, an AAC file can go up to 8/96 kHz. But the advantages are varied, even if you go down a lot in the technical: if you were curious, I leave you a dedicated article.

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