Compress photos and videos on iPhone in a few simple steps

how to compress create iphone video zip file

Having an iPhone is definitely an advantage on the multimedia side, at least if we talk about video shoot. Sometimes, however, shooting a movie or taking photos can produce excellent results that are heavy in terms of memory. In this guide, therefore, we explain how to compress or create a ZIP file su iPhone for the your photos and videos.

How to create a ZIP file for photos and videos on iPhone

The premise of this guide is: the compression it is not very large, but it can be useful for sending videos and photos if you need one single file format ZIP. That said, let's explain the process in a few steps.

  1. Create a folder on File

    This preliminary step is not strictly necessary for the procedure but, if you want to create a place to put the contents to be compressed, it is certainly useful. So, going on Fillet (Blue folder on the iPhone), you are going to create one folder (by clicking on the circle with three dots at the top right), which for convenience we will call Media, which will serve you for the purpose. The step is indifferent whether you create it on the device or on to compress create zip file photos video iphone 02

  2. Select Photos and Videos and save in the folder to File

    Here begins the actual procedure, where you select, from the Photos folder, both the images and the videos you need. From here, click on the "Share”(Icon with square and arrow at the bottom left) and choose Save your File. From there, you will go and rescue them in the Media folder that we have created.

  3. Create A ZIP File of the Media Folder

    At this point, the Media folder comes towards us, thus becoming the element that will become ours ZIP file compressed to go to share. How to do? Thanks to haptic feedback, press and hold on the folder and select Collapse. Once this is done, the compressed file we need will be generated. From there, you can send it to compress create zip file photos video iphone 04

This was the simple guide on how to compress or create ZIP file for photos and videos on iPhone, but you can also use the same procedure on iPad, since the procedure is also identical on iPadOS. In case you need it move your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music, we leave you another comfortable driving.

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