The Xiaomi heating mousepad is a must have on your desk so as not to fear the cold

360w heating mousepad xiaomi youpin discount code

In these days flashes of sunshine and moments of heat alternate with frost: in short, it is the perfect opportunity to stay warm on every occasion, even at work or while studying. As? Obviously with the new mousepad Xiaomi YouPin, a solution heating with a minimal look and a super price with code discount.

Banggood discount code: the Xiaomi YouPin heated mousepad drops at a super price

360w heating mousepad xiaomi youpin discount code

If you loved the mat Sothing and aim for an encore - or if you have never experienced the joys of this type of product - then you will love the new maxi warming mousepad from Xiaomi YouPin. Once again it is a solution with a sober and essential look; however the potency rises to 360W, with the possibility of using a wider range of temperatures. In fact, through the appropriate control, it will be possible to adjust the temperature between various alternatives (35/40/45/50°); all with maximum safety and a practical flashing light (every hour, for 10 seconds) able to signal that the device is on and in use.

It only takes a few seconds to have a heated study or work station, for maximum comfort even during the most demanding moments.

360w heating mousepad xiaomi youpin discount code

The new mousepad heating da Xiaomi YouPin (in the 360W version) starts from the brand's crowdfunding platform and arrives on Banggood, on offer with code discount. Below you will find the link to the purchase, together with the coupon to use to save: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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