Haylou MoriPods: the Adaptive aptX now at a super price

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There are a lot of wireless earphones and above all of every price. But for those who look at savings, the quality / price ratio is everything and therefore to be satisfied, you have to look at models of TWS headphones as the Haylou Moripods, Equipped with aptX Adaptive codec, now on offer on Geekbuying with discount code and shipping from Europe.

Haylou MoriPods discount code: TWS headphones with aptX Adaptive on offer on Geekbuying

discount code haylou moripods coupon offer tws headphones aptx adaptive 2

The Haylou earphones have a design very similar to the one they use Xiaomi Mi Air 2S, but which looks to an even younger target. The pavilion of these TWS headphones is semi in-ear, which still today are the preferred mode for music and calls in total mobility. This allows for wider drivers, they are from 12 mm, but there is so much more.

In fact, we have integrated the chip Qualcomm QCC3040, which thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 allows to obtain excellent sound performance and connection reliability. The noise reduction during calls is also improved by the cVc 8.0 codec. The chip of the American brand brings the codec to delivery aptX Adaptive, which allows a Hi-Fi quality in listening and an almost very low latency.

Then find the TWS headphones Haylou Moripods on offer on Geekbuying thanks to the dedicated discount code at a very low price, which puts them in direct competition with redmi buds 3 by Xiaomi. In addition, the convenient shipping from Europe should not be forgotten.

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Shipping from EUROPE - 6.3 €

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