Gorilla Glass Victus + official: S22's glass is hard to scratch

corning gorilla glass victus +

It could have passed on the sly, one of the novelties that the new series brings with it Samsung Galaxy S22 is called Gorilla Glass Victus +. It is not the first time that Corning collaborates with Samsung: you may remember that Galaxy Note 20 was the first in the world with Gorilla Glass Foods, but also S10 with Gorilla Glass 6 and Note 7 with Gorilla Glass 5. The fact is that this new version debuts aboard the new top of the Samsung range, although Corning has not yet made a real announcement.

For the moment, therefore, we do not know the official characteristics of the Gorilla Glass Victus + protective glass, but the first tests on the Samsung Galaxy S22 give us a taste of it. According to what is circulating on the net, it would seem that the new Corning glass provides one resistance greater than 12,5%. But how does such a percentage materialize in practice?

Corning raises the bar of resistance with the new Gorilla Glass Victus +

To make us understand it is the youtuber PBKreviews, with a first resistance test performed on the Samsung Galaxy S22, in order to show us what this Gorilla Glass Victus + is made of. The test we are interested in is the one relating to scratch resistance, traditionally performed on the basis of the Mohs scale. Conceived in 1812 by Friedrich Mohs, it is used to evaluate the hardness of materials, where 1/10 is talc and 10/10 is diamond. So far we have seen how all the smartphones in circulation tend to scratch themselves at level 6, with more incisive signs at level 7.

This level of hardness has remained unchanged with various variations of Gorilla Glass, but on this round something seems to have changed. According to PBKreviews tests, the glass on the S22 would start to scratch at the level 7, with deeper grooves at level 8. This means that Corning would actually improve scratch resistance, bringing Gorilla Glass Victus + closer to ceramic, which we remember scratches at level 8.

For those wondering, Gorilla Glass Victus + is there both on the front and on the back of Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra. A significant step forward, if you consider that S21 and S21 + had a back in "glasstic", that is a glass-like plastic.

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