OPPO raises the bar: Super VOOC charging reaches 240W

oppo super vooc 150w 240w battery health engine

These are days of great news for OPPO: after the series Find X5, Its first tablet, the new TWS headphones and the futurists Air Glass, at MWC 2022 we talk about Super VOOC. It is tradition that OPPO takes advantage of the stage of the Catalan event to showcase its new technologies, including prototypes, concepts and previews. Just think of MWC 2019 and the first zoom 10x, at MWC 2017 and the first zoom 5x o at MWC 2016 and at the first sighting of the Super VOOC. Not surprisingly, today's event is called "Shape the Future" and the protagonist is the fast recharge, a sector in which OPPO has excelled for many years.

It was 2014 when OPPO presented VOOC charging, led by engineer Jeff Zhang, who identified high voltage as a limit for charging. The approach was instead to better balance the balance between voltage (V) and current (A): the result was OPPO Find 7, the first smartphone with 20W VOOC.

OPPO shows what its Super VOOC charging at MWC 2022 is capable of

Since then, the VOOC standard has evolved, first with VOOC 3.0 in 2019 at 25W on the Reno 2 series, coming to the real next chapter: the Super VOOC. First unveiled at MWC 2016, it made its pioneering debut Find X, going up to 50W of power at a time when few if any had dared so much. Since that time, the manufacturers have begun to raise the bar, especially the direct rivals Xiaomi and Huawei.

Thus we arrive at 2022 and at the MWC in Barcelona, ​​with OPPO presenting to the public how its fast recharge is renewed. The first novelty is the Super VOOC a 150, using a power of 20V / 7.5A. This allows it to charge a battery from 4.500 mAh from 1% to 50% in 5 minutes and to 100% in approx 15 minutes.

oppo super vooc 150w 240w battery health engine

Not only that: thanks to the capabilities of gallium nitride, the GaN charger Super VOOC at 150W is poco larger than the previous 65W charger.

In addition to the power to 150W, the standard is equipped with the technology with Battery Health Engine, allowed by the presence of the proprietary chip for battery management. Smart Battery Health Algorithm traces the electric potential in real time by means of the negative electrode of the battery; as a result, it can dynamically adjust the charge currency and minimize the presence of dead lithium to ensure better longevity.

oppo super vooc 150w 240w battery health engine

More, Battery Healing Technology improves the electrolyte formula, continuously repairing the electrodes during the charge and discharge cycles. This forms a more stable and durable Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI), reducing wear on the battery's positive and negative electrodes and improving its performance and longevity. This will allow the phone to keep80% of the battery even after 1.600 charge cycles. According to OPPO, the Battery Health Engine technology will be implemented on "most" of the phones OPPO e OnePlus di medium / high range.

oppo super vooc 150w 240w battery health engine

But the novelty that will probably attract the attention of many is the Super VOOC a 240, a real record for the world of smartphones. According to OPPO tests, this standard is capable of charging a battery from 4.500 mAh from 1% to 100% in just 9 minutes. Such an achievement is made possible by a 24V 10A charger, with three charging batteries and a power that can be converted into 10V 24A. OPPO guarantees efficiency and safety in line with the specifications of the devices on the market, also in terms of heat dissipation. The 240W Super VOOC technology includes 5 protection measures and a control chip that controls voltage, current and temperature. Inside the phone, then, there are 13 temperature sensors to avoid any overheating phenomena.

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