Xiaomi MIX 5 will be even more exclusive with the Surge C2 chip

xiaomi surge c2

Since its inception, the MIX family has been a harbinger of innovation, and it seems Xiaomi MIX 5 will be no exception. For some time it has been talked about as the smartphone that in a certain sense should replace Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Although the leaks continue to explain how the next one will be done Ultra flagship, other voices claim with some firmness which in its place should debut the new chapter of the Xiaomi series.

The first chapters of the MIX series made the global audience exclaim “WOW” thanks to their tri-borderless design, complete with a ceramic body and atypical solutions such as the piezoelectric transducer instead of the ear capsule. With the third chapterInstead, we opted to join the slider phone trend, which however disappeared within a few months. In its place almost 4 years later came a MIX 4 equipped with selfie camera hidden under the screen; not to mention the "spin-off" Xiaomi MIX Fold, foldable equipped with liquid lens camera as a telephoto lens.

Xiaomi MIX 5 will mark the debut of the unprecedented Surge C2

One wonders what will be the novelty of a Xiaomi MIX 5 which seems to have the arduous task of replacing the Ultra variant of Xiaomi 12. It seems certain that the selfie camera will be kept under the screen, however much was not particularly appreciated for its photographic quality. We will certainly find the ceramic shell, another historical and distinctive element of the MIX family. But what the latest rumors reveal is the implementation of the new proprietary chipset Surge C2.

In spring 2021 we witnessed the launch of the aforementioned Xiaomi MIX Fold, the first (and so far only) smartphone equipped with the Surge C1. If you know the history of Xiaomi, you will know that with "Surge" we indicate the series of chips that the company has launched over the years. It all started in 2017 with the Xiaomi Surge S1, a real SoC that replaced the canonical Qualcomm or MediaTek solutions. The result was not exciting, for a smartphone that has never left China and that in general it was quite criticized.

xiaomi surge c1

Since then, Xiaomi has preferred to opt for proprietary chipsets that are limited to specific tasks, in order to avoid such situations from recurring. I think not only of Xiaomi Surge C1, but also of the recent one Surge P1, chip designed to manage the battery and recharge compartment.

Here, then, that this phantom Surge C2 would find space for the first time on board the rumored one Xiaomi MIX 5 Pro "L1". Nothing to do, therefore, for the basic model "L1A": yes, because at this time, for the first time, there would be 2 variants for the MIX series. Two smartphones that would differ exclusively for the photographic sector, both for sensors and for this chip, in fact. As with the C1, the Surge C2 should also be a ISP to all intents and purposes, that is the processor in charge of processing photos and videos made.

We do not yet know what features this chip will have, but the leaks do not fail to explain to us how the photographic sector of Xiaomi MIX 5 will be. Both with a 48 MP selfie camera, the base model would have a 50 + 48 + 48 MP with OIS, wide angle and 2x optical zoom. The Pro one, on the other hand, would boast a more advanced 50 + 48 + 48 MP, always with wide angle but with 5x optical zoom.

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