Xiaomi Band 7 could be inspired by Huawei: here's how it could be

xiaomi band 7 patent make design possible

Recently, the wearable catalog of Xiaomi it has amplified, but with the new year it is inevitable to start talking about Band 7, since it is part of the most profitable series of the company. In this regard, a patent has sprung up that illustrates a new device that could correspond precisely to the smartband par excellence, in a totally new guise inspired by other brands.

Xiaomi Band 7, goodbye to the oval style? The crate could be rectangular

xiaomi band 7 patent make design possible 2

The patent approved to Xiaomi shows us a finished device, although it is still a design sketch that, on balance, could correspond to the next smartband of the group. What is particular is to see that the case is rectangular, but with less marked lines than, for example, the Redmi Band Pro that has also arrived from us.

For comparison, it is very similar to Huawei Band 6 and above all a Huawei watch fit, which is structured precisely in this way. Being a render in the form of a sketch, we cannot understand if the edges of the display are more or less present. But if we wanted to imagine that the Xiaomi Band 7 may be inspired in some way by Apple Watch 7, then we can also expect a possible absence of the frames.

The strap would also have a new look, more similar to that of the aforementioned Redmi Band Pro, so that it no longer surrounds the device but is positioned on the sides, like a smartwatch. Clearly, it is still early to decree both Xiaomi Band 7, but we would not mind seeing such a smartband combined with the potential that the company has always lived in.

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