Xiaomi's first NFT celebrates the sales of the 12 series

xiaomi 12 pro nft

Metaverse, cryptocurrencies and NFT: these are the three most talked about technologies of recent times, and this Xiaomi he knows it well. On the other hand we are talking about a company that was born from the mind of Lei Jun, an entrepreneur who has often shown that he has a clear vision of the future of the market in which he operates. As I explained in this editorial, right from the start, his pedigree made Xiaomi an internet company, that is, a company that moves following the dynamics of the Internet. The birth of Xiaomi broke the market, demonstrating the power of the web and e-commerce, forcing rivals such as Huawei, OPPO and vivo to create sub-brands dedicated to the online market.

Xiaomi 12 is a box office champion: the first NFT celebrates its milestone

In these ten years of activity, Xiaomi has garnered considerable appreciation all over the world, underlined by the achievements of the new 12 series. The triptych consisting of Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro e 12X it managed to satisfy all those who hoped for a top of the range with more human dimensions. Meanwhile, we wait to find out what the future Ultra model will look like, series 12 is crunching numbers: in just 5 minutes since the beginning of offline and online sales, Xiaomi has grossed 1,8 billion yuan, or approximately 283 million dollars.

xiaomi 12 pro sales

And here we return to the internet and pioneering nature of Xiaomi and its patron Lei Jun. To celebrate the milestone reached by the 12 series, Xiaomi has decided to launch its first NFT. This is the first time that a smartphone manufacturer has decided to launch into the wild world of Non-Fungible Tokens. But in all likelihood, that of Xiaomi is only the first and it would not surprise us to see the same by the various Samsung, OPPO and vivo over the next few months.

In the past few months, Chinese e-commerce Tmall created its own metaverse, consisting of NFT products that consumers can purchase and collect in digital form. This is the concept behind NFTs: taking a file (be it an image, a GIF, a video, and so on) and certifying its authenticity using the blockchain. Although its replicable nature remains, owning an NFT creative work means being its true certified owner. If you would like to deepen the concept, I recommend you this article from IlPost.

The NFT created by Xiaomi to celebrate the 12 series represents a dragon egg, available in limited edition, that is only 500 copies. Historically speaking, the dragon is a very strong symbol for China: in Taoist and Han mythology and philosophy, yin and yang are embodied by the tiger and the dragon. While yin (black) represents darkness, yang (white) is whiteness, sky, gods, fecundity, and other positive elements.

Like every Xiaomi novelty, even the egg-shaped NFT, containing a suspended city with the Xiaomi 12 in plain sight, is a 'exclusive for China through the aforementioned Tmall.

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