Xiaomi 12 Pro, with Surge P1 charging is at the top: goodbye double cell batteries?

xiaomi 12 pro charging test 120W surge p1

At the presentation of Xiaomi 12 Pro, the brand showed the world the independent chipset for charging Surge P1. This new hardware solution aims to improve the battery charging experience, but the results also seem broader than expected.

Xiaomi 12 Pro and Surge P1: more stable charging and low temperatures

xiaomi 12 pro charging test 120W surge P1 2

The test comes from a very well-known Weibo user, who to test the properties of the Surge P1, used a dedicated plug to test wattage, speed and temperatures in charging. In the standard Xiaomi 12 Pro charge it started from 1% and in just one minute it is at 7% with 80 of power, until it reaches the 100% in only 21 minutes maintaining maximum temperatures at 34 ° C.

If, on the other hand, we looked at recharging Multi Turbo, that declared to be at maximum 120, the result is even more satisfying, given that in 18 minutes we have a full recharge and the temperatures once again remain around 34 ° C without ever rising. The user declares that the maximum power never reaches it, but it gains stability and continuity, so that the battery is not affected.

And that's what the Surge P1, going to improve the performance of single-cell batteries, increasingly replaced by double-cell ones in some brands, but which could now completely reverse the situation by making smartphones lighter but with higher autonomy capacity.

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