Windows 10 and Office for life cost only 14 € and 24 € with the big 91% discount

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No one can deny that buying Microsoft software can be a significant economic outlay. Windows and Office are notoriously expensive and can be a huge expense for anyone. This, however, if you do not know where to buy OEM licenses on offer with really wide discounts. So whether you're looking for an inexpensive way to assemble a new computer or just want to be able to upgrade your copy of Office, the collection of offers from WhoKeys, which proposes licenses Windows 10 Pro e Office 2019 Lifetime at a 91% discount, it will get you up and running in no time, and all without breaking the bank.

WhoKeys: here are all the discounts on Windows 10 and Office lifetime licenses with 91% discount

-25% with the exclusive GZ20 coupon

<br>• Windows 10 Professional OEM Key - € 14.08

<br>•Windows 11 Professional OEM Key - € 12.22

<br>• Office 2019 Professional Plus Key - € 23.91

<br>• Office 2021 Professional Plus Key - € 15.08

<br>• Windows 10 Pro OEM + Office 2019 Pro Plus - € 30.57

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How to buy a license on WhoKeys?

  • Choose the software you prefer on the WhoKeys site
whokeys windows 10 office licenses offered january 2022
  • Then add to cart
  • At checkout, enter the code GZ20 in the Promotion Code box
whokeys licenses windows 10 January 2022
  • Click on Submit Order
  • Once this is done, select the payment method (including PayPal) and click Pay now
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  • Once the purchase is completed, you will receive the purchased license to be activated via email

How to activate the Windows license?

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  1. Go to Start
  2. Click on the Settings menu
  3. Head to Update and Security
  4. Click Activate Windows or Change Product Key
  5. Enter the license received by email

Why are these licenses so cheap?

The licenses of WhoKeys they certainly have a very advantageous price, also because it is often not possible to find them with such offers, but how is this possible? It is easy to say: Whokeys, by not providing the box with license, activation code and physical support to install the software, it saves costs and brings the customer the only activation key, which is what is needed to make the trial version of Microsoft software a version complete and above all active for life.

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