vivo X70 Pro on DxOMark: is Qualcomm or MediaTek better?

vivo x70 pro dxomark camera

If you look at the best camera phones of the last generation, DxOMark rewarded vivo X70 Pro + approaching it to its top 5. A real top of the range, thanks to hardware that includes an LTPO Quad HD + screen, IP68 certification, Snapdragon 888 +, a 4.500 mAh at 55W, wireless charging and a multimedia compartment at the top. On the back there is a fine and well-kept photographic department in collaboration with Zeiss: but what is the difference if you take its minor variant vivo X70 Pro? In China it was proposed piloted by the Exynos 1080, while in the rest of the world it contains the Dimensity 1200.

DxOMark gives us its rating on the vivo X70 Pro camera

We are talking about two smartphones, vivo X70 Pro and Pro +, which represent two different philosophies in terms of SoCs: on the one hand MediaTek, on the other Qualcomm. In both cases, however, the photographic sector is quite similar, although there are differences that should not be underestimated:

  • vivo X70 Pro
    • Primary from 50 MP f/1.75 Sony IMX766V 1 / 1.56 ″, 1.0 µm pixel, PDAF + laser, Gimbal OIS
    • 16 mm 12 MP wide angle f/2.2, 116 ° FoV, 1 / 3.1 ″ sensor, 1.12 µm pixels, autofocus
    • Telephoto lens 50 mm 12 MP f/2.0, 1 / 2.93 ″ sensor, 1.22 µm pixels, PDAF, OIS
    • Telephoto lens 125 mm 8 MP f/3.4, 1 / 4.4 ″ sensor, 1.0 µm pixel, PDAF, OIS
  • vivo X70 Pro +
    • Primary from 50 MP f/1.57, Samsung GN1 1 / 1.31 ″, 1.2 µm pixels, PDAF + laser, Gimbal OIS
    • 14 mm 48 MP wide angle f/2.2, 114 ° FoV, 1 / 2.0 ″ sensor, 0.8 µm pixels, autofocus, Gimbal OIS
    • Telephoto lens 50 mm 12 MP f/1.6, 1 / 2.93 ″ sensor, 1.22 µm pixels, PDAF, OIS
    • Telephoto lens 125 mm 8 MP f/3.4, 1 / 4.4 ″ sensor, 1.0 µm pixel, PDAF, OIS

If the dual telephoto system is essentially the same, the primary sensor changes but above all the wide angle. Furthermore, precisely by virtue of the difference between Qualcomm and MediaTek, the ISP, that is the image processor that processes photos and videos, also changes. For the DxOMark tests, all this translates into a score of 131 points for vivo X70 Pro, against 135 for the Pro + variant. Comparing the two ratings, the main difference lies in the quality for zoom and video.



Going into detail, for DxOMark the vivo X70 Pro's camera returns accurate exposure and good detail in low light, wide dynamic range and depth of field, pleasing colors and precise autofocus. Although “worse than the Pro +, the wide-angle sensor enjoys precise white balance, while the telephoto lens captures good details.

At the same time, the vivo X70 Pro sins in low-light white balance quality, fine detail clipping in high-contrast scenes, noise and shutter lag problems, and wide-angle chromatic aberrations. Also, there is a weird dynamic with the telephoto lens, with sudden drops in resolution with consecutive shots.

Speaking of video, the vivo X70 Pro produces clips with good exposure, white balance and details in good light, as well as effective stabilization thanks to the Gimbal OIS system. However, even here the white balance has some problems from time to time, as well as exposure, autofocus and quality of details.

So here's how to change the top 10 of the best camera phones according to DxOMark:

  1. 144 - Huawei P50 Pro
  2. 143 - Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
  3. 139 - Huawei Mate 40 Pro +
  4. 137 - iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max
  5. 136 - Huawei Mate 40 Pro
  6. 135 - Google Pixel 6 Pro, vivo X70 Pro +
  7. 133 - ASUS Snapdragon Insiders, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra
  8. 132 - Huawei P40 Pro, Google Pixel 6
  9. 131 - OPPO Find X3 Pro, vivo X70 Pro, vivo X50 Pro +
  10. 130 - iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max
  11. 128 - iPhone 12 Pro, vivo X60 Pro +, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
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