TP-Link Tapo ecosystem review: smart bulb, smart plug, LED strip and security cameras to transform your home

We know Tapo well, the company born under the protective wing of TP-Link is one of the brands currently most appreciated by users who aim to transform their home by exploiting all the advantages of the IoT. Well, we have practically all the TP-Link smart ecosystem on test: an indoor security camera, an outdoor security camera, a smart bulb, a smart-plug and an adhesive LED strip, these are the devices we will talk about in this review. And all are controlled by a single application, available for both Android and iPhone, which you can also add to Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

So, let's go in order.

Let's start with the TP-Link Tapo L530E smart bulb, a smart bulb with E27 connection capable of guaranteeing a maximum brightness of 806 lumens for a consumption of 8,7W. It is an RGB bulb capable of generating practically any type of color, as well as the typical white light with a temperature range that can vary from 2.500K to 6.500K.

As with all ecosystem products, the configuration of the TP-Link Tapo L530E smart bulb it is very simple. Once the bulb is screwed in for the first time, a flashing light will be emitted to signal that the device is in pairing mode: at this point, all you have to do is start the application and follow the guided configuration.

After the first configuration, all the features of the smart bulb will be directly available in the Tapo app. In addition to adjusting the color and general brightness of the bulb, you will be able to use the function timer with which it is possible to program the switching on of the various smart bulbs connected in the house, which has been enriched by functionality Away, very useful if, for example, you were to go on vacation or in any case to temporarily disable the programming.

As for technical characteristics and brilliant brightness, it is important to underline that - in general - RGB models suffer from a lower brightness than those capable of generating only white light. And in fact it is a "limit" that we also find in the Tapo L503E. For example, the Tapo L510E (i.e. the model capable of generating only white light) is decidedly brighter than its RGB counterpart: however, with its 806 lumens the TP-Link Tapo L530E smart bulb it is very pleasant, especially for environments where maybe more light bulbs are used, or in rooms where you want to create the right atmosphere to relax (for example) when watching TV.

The nice thing, however, is that, like all the other smart bulbs of the brand, also the TP-Link Tapo L530E smart bulb it is sold at an economical price and certainly suitable for all budgets: the official price is 14,99 euros on Amazon, but through the box you find below you could buy it at a discount at poco more than 12 euros.

Smart Plug Tapo P100

La Cap P100 it is among the most compact smart plugs on the market. It is a Shuko-type WiFi socket, made entirely of plastic with a square and rather modern design. It is only 51x72x40mm large, dimensions that allow it to be positioned rather easily, and the ABS used to produce it is fireproof.

Also the Cap P100 it is managed through the company's application and, like all the other products of the brand, it is characterized by a practically lightning-fast first configuration. In our test, Tapo's smart plug has always proved to be reliable and responsive to commands, with practically no lag in executing actions.

Through the app it is possible to manage the switching on and off, as well as set a timer and program the operation according to your needs. There is also the function Away from home which enriches the possibility of setting on and off timers, but the possibility of monitoring consumption is missing: this is a very convenient function, which some smart plugs are equipped with which, however, are much more expensive.

The price of the Cap P100 in fact it is very cheap: it costs 12,99 euros on Amazon but through the box below you can buy it at a discount for 10,89 euros.

Tapo LED strip L900-5

Also the Tapo L900-5 LED strip it is one of the typical products of the brand that guarantees good quality at a very affordable price. 5 meters long and made up of individual LED beads that work completely independently, the Tapo L900-5 LED strip it has been designed in such a way as to be able to guarantee better heat dissipation and relatively low consumption (it is only 13.5W). At the rear it is equipped with a double-sided adhesive that will allow it to be positioned on different surfaces, and the management of all the brightness and effects takes place through the Tapo app, like all the products of the brand, as well as through a small plastic controller that allows it physical management.

Once registered and associated with your account, a simple and fast operation as usual, through the Tapo application you can select the type of coloring you want (it has 16 million colors available), the intensity of the brightness, you can select or customize a series of scenarios and animations and program their switching on and off using the Timer function.

There is also a function that would allow it to be synchronized with the music: in theory, by bringing the smartphone on which the Tapo app is active to a music source, the Tapo L900-5 LED strip it should light up following the rhythm. Unfortunately, however, in our tests we have never been able to use this feature: in reality there is something wrong indeed, nothing is going at all. By following the procedure correctly, we realized that the system designed by Tapo works only for the first few seconds, and then totally loses sync with the audio: in a nutshell, this is a function that - perhaps - those of Tapo should think of totally delete from the app.

Finally, also the Tapo L900-5 LED strip can take advantage of the mode Absence, present in the app: in a nutshell the LEDs will light up to simulate the presence of someone at home, in order to dissuade any malicious people from entering the house in our absence.

The most interesting thing about the Tapo L900-5 LED strip is, as usual, the price: it costs 29,90 euros on Amazon but through the box you find below you could buy it at a discount at 22,43 euros.

Tapo C200: affordable and comprehensive security camera

La Tapo C200 is an indoor security camera, which has always proved to be reliable and with more than adequate performance for its selling price. Aesthetically very similar to other models of the same category of Chinese origin, it is composed of a white hemispherical base, on which another sphere has been inserted which integrates the front lens and which can rotate. At the rear there is a grid in which the audio speaker for two-way communication has been inserted, while rubber pads have been positioned below to increase the grip with the surface on which it will be placed.

Under the lens then, the input for the micro SD was positioned with which the Tapo C200 will be able to record videos and take photos without the need for any subscription on the cloud. All in all, the build quality is more than good and in line with the price range in which the product is going to be inserted.

The management takes place via the Tapo app and is a practically plug-and-play product: once connected to the power supply, just follow the guided configuration and the camera will be immediately ready for use.

The video streaming is FullHD and, especially if evaluated on the basis of the cost of the product, it is of excellent quality both in conditions of good brightness and in conditions of no light: the integrated IR blaster near the lens, allows the Tapo C200 to see even in the dark at a maximum distance of about 7 meters.

The movement and notification detection system is also excellent, which in our tests have always proved to be precise and punctual, and the functions integrated into the application are equally of good quality: through the Tapo app it is possible to manage the movement of the frame. (360 ° pan and 114 ° tilt), you can communicate with two-way audio, you can activate an integrated siren created with the purpose of acting as an "alarm" if movements are detected, you can activate the privacy mode with which the footage will be darkened, manage the quality of the video stream and take pictures.

It is also possible to customize the sensitivity of the PIR sensor, or rotate the image if the camera is positioned on the ceiling and, again, correct image distortion by eliminating the fisheye effect but reducing the viewing angle.

Also through the Tapo app, you can then save the framing points: given the mobility of the upper structure, you can for example choose to frame the sofa, or the entrance, or any other point of the house by positioning the shot and memorizing it in the application.

But again, the most interesting thing remains the price: the Tapo C200 costs 39,99 euros on Amazon, but is currently on sale at the discounted price of 29,99 euros.

Tapo C200: outdoor security camera

Finally we come to the Tapo C310, an outdoor security camera that integrates a 3 megapixel sensor capable of guaranteeing a FullHD video stream. This model is also equipped with a two-way audio system, but what left us most amazed is the night vision system with which, thanks to a very powerful IR sensor, the Tapo C310 is able to see in the dark up to a distance of about 20 meters.

As an outdoor security camera, the Tapo C310 it is resistant to water and dust (it is IP 66 certified), it can be connected to the network both via wired connection and via WiFi and to work it requires a connection to the electrical socket: the cable is supplied and is of a sufficient length for most part of the uses, even if in some cases it might be too short.

It also integrates a movement detection system, connected to in-app notifications, and also integrates a siren that can be activated or deactivated as an alarm. Videos and photos made with the Tapo C310 they can be saved locally via a microSD card, or by using the (small) memory integrated in the camera. And all the functions are always managed by the Tapo application which, as you may have understood, is a real HUB of all the company's products.

As with the Tapo C200, also with the Tapo C310 it is possible to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to play the streaming video on a smart display, and just like the indoor model, this outdoor camera is also characterized by a super competitive price: on Amazon it is on sale for 49,90 euros, but through the box below you could buy it at a discount at 39,90 euros.

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