Samsung: here are the models updated to One UI 4.0 and Android 12

samsung one ui 4.0 android 12

Among the many companies that are preparing to upgrade to Android 12 there is also Samsung, in view of the major update to the One UI 4.0. And like other companies like Xiaomi e OnePlus, the Korean family is also preparing the update that will make its way to the various models in the catalog between now and the next few months. Not only top of the range, but also many mid-range and entry-level smartphones that make up the company's smartphone list.

Last updated: January 20nd

Here are which Samsung smartphones will receive the One UI 4.0 update with Android 12

Like any self-respecting major update, even the One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 that Samsung is working on brings with it many new features. The experience introduced with the One UI 3 is not distorted, but enriched with novelties signed by Samsung and taken from the latest release of the green robot. If you were curious, I leave you directly the complete changelog:

  • Privacy
    • Camera and microphone indicators
    • Approximate location, keeps the exact one private
    • Warning whenever an app accesses content copied to another app
  • Samsung keyboard
    • Quick access to GIFs, emojis and stickers
    • Animated emoji pairs
    • Even more stickers
    • Grammarly based English writing assistant
  • Home screen
    • New widget design and easier selection
  • Lock screen
    • Switch audio output and voice recording (memo) directly from the screen
    • Integration of calendar and program
  • Camera
    • Lens icons show zoom
    • In Photography mode, you can long touch the shutter button to immediately start a video recording
    • Add moments to the single shot, 5 seconds more to extend the shot when needed
    • New settings and cleaner appearance for Pro and Video Pro modes
    • Tap the magnifying glass to instantly zoom in and edit your scans
    • Portraits for pets
  • Gallery
    • See your stories come to life with auto-created featured videos
    • Sort albums more easily
    • Restore remastered images to their original versions at any time
    • More control over information: change or remove date, time and location from photos
  • Photo and video editor
    • Emojis and stickers
    • Video collage
    • Lighting control
    • Highlights
    • Now you can restore photos and videos to their original versions after they have been saved, or save them as copies to keep both the original and the edited version
    • Copy and paste from one image to another: you can cut out any object from one image and paste it into another
  • Emoji AR
    • Use an AR emoji as your profile picture in Contacts and Samsung account
    • Face stickers
    • Make dance videos with AR emojis
    • Draw your clothes
  • sharing
    • More customization
    • Easier navigation
    • Sharing photos
  • Calendar
    • Check the schedule on the Home Screen
    • Quickly add events
    • New search options
    • Share events with others
    • Easier selection of date and time
    • Restore deleted events
  • Samsung Internet
    • Search suggestions
    • Search from Home Screen
    • Start Secret Mode
  • Device assistance
    • Battery and security on main screen
    • Overall smartphone status summarized by an emoji
    • Diagnostic checks
  • Samsung health
    • All new design
    • Profile with statistics summary
    • Challenge your friends
    • More inclusive gender options
    • More options on food
  • Bixby routines
    • Plus: conditions, actions, controls, combinations, customizations for routines
  • Accessibilità
    • Floating button to access anywhere
    • Quick actions by moving the mouse to the four corners of the screen
    • Adjust screen size and contrast in seconds
    • New visibility options for the eyes (transparency or blur)
    • Extra dark screen
    • Customizable flash notifications
    • Easier magnification
  • Other
    • Always on Display improved
    • Improved Night Mode
    • Refill information at a glance
    • Easier brightness control
    • Preview video tips
    • New menu Security and emergency
    • Settings search improvements
    • New Driving Monitoring in Digital Wellbeing
    • Skip an alarm only once
    • Double clock
    • Switch between messages and calls
    • More resizable applications in Samsung DeX
    • Improved Tag Edge panels
samsung one ui 4.0 android 12

Which models will be updated?

After talking about the news of the major update with Android 12, let's see which Samsung smartphones will be updated to One UI 4.0. For the moment there is no official roadmap yet, but the forecasts speak of the following models:

Samsung Galaxy S21Released
Samsung Galaxy S21 +Released
Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraReleased
Samsung Galaxy S20Released
Samsung Galaxy S20 +Released
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraReleased
Samsung Galaxy S20FEReleased
Samsung Galaxy S10Released
Samsung Galaxy S10 +Released
Samsung Galaxy S10 5GReleased
Samsung Galaxy S10eReleased
Samsung Galaxy S10 LiteReleased
Samsung Galaxy Note 20Released
Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20Released
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Released
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +Released
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LiteReleased
Samsung Galaxy ZFold 3Released
Samsung Galaxy ZFold 2Released
Samsung Galaxy FoldReleased
Samsung Galaxy W22 5GReleased
Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 3Released
Samsung galaxy z flipReleased
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
Samsung Galaxy A72Released
Samsung Galaxy A71
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
Samsung Galaxy A52Released
Samsung Galaxy A52 5GReleased
Samsung Galaxy A52sReleased
Samsung Galaxy A51
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
Samsung Galaxy A42 5GReleased
Samsung Galaxy A41
Samsung Galaxy A32
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
Samsung Galaxy A31
Samsung Galaxy A22
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
Samsung Galaxy A21
Samsung Galaxy A21s
Samsung Galaxy A12
Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho
Samsung Galaxy A11
Samsung Galaxy A03s
Samsung Galaxy A02
Samsung Galaxy A02s
Samsung Galaxy A01
Samsung Galaxy How Much 2
Samsung Galaxy A Quantum
Samsung Galaxy M62
Samsung Galaxy M51
Samsung Galaxy M42 5G
Samsung Galaxy M32
Samsung Galaxy M32 5G
Samsung Galaxy M31
Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime Edition
Samsung Galaxy M31s
Samsung Galaxy M22
Samsung Galaxy M21
Samsung Galaxy M21s
Samsung Galaxy M12
Samsung Galaxy M02
Samsung Galaxy M02s
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7Released
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +Released
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3
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