Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P review: concreteness made clean

review xiaomi mi robot vacuum mop p vacuum cleaner floor cover

We can now undeniably say that i robot vacuum cleaner they are almost in every home and have become one of the most used cleaning means. There is no doubt among the leading experts on these solutions Xiaomi, which in its ecosystem has products with the most disparate characteristics and the My Vacuum-Mop Robot P it is certainly one of these, but it will have surpassed ours review?

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum mop p 01 review

Package Contents

Packaging well optimized that of My Vacuum-Mop Robot P in review, which in addition to the vacuum cleaner brings us a series of accessories useful for domestic cleaning. We find in fact 2 side brushes, the charging docking station, a power supply for the same, a 2-in-1 tank both for dust and for holding water when going into mode floor washer and wet and semi-wet brushes. To this, the manuals are added.

Design and materials

The Xiaomi robot we tested fully reflects the design of many products in its category. So it is perfectly circular, of medium size (not too bulky then), with the LDS laser module which allows cleaning without obstacles and a more precise mapping of the home environment and also of the toothed wheels that allow you to pass on small elevations such as carpets or door markers. The material used is mainly polycarbonate but it does not give us a sense of economic but rather, it looks like a high-end model.


xiaomi mi robot p software review

Earlier we mentioned navigation via the LDS laser module and this brings us to the possibility of having a complete picture of what we are going to clean. But how can we control it all? The application Xiaomi Home is the correct answer. After connecting the device to the app via smartphone, we can access a very complete menu, which gives us a picture of the environment where it is located and above all gives us access to the various cleaning and washing modes.

Specifically, we have 4 speed in vacuum cleaner mode e 3 release levels of water in the floor cleaning function. The two modes can be combined for complete floor cleaning management. Added to this is the ability to create a Virtual Wall to create areas where the robot does not have to access and you can also set a sort of "brushing" in an area where the device has already passed.

As always, on the software side, Xiaomi products are promoted and this is no exception. Among other things, there is support for voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

Operation - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum mop p 02 review

And we come to the highlight of the review of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P, operation. Being a medium-high-end product, this vacuum cleaner we must say does its duty completely, without real smudges. In fact, already in vacuum cleaner mode you can see important results, such as on the parquet where it behaves optimally. This is because the suction power from 2.100 Pa it allows you to cover all the area you need well, whether it is a medium-sized house or an office of the same size.

With regard to the scrubbing mode, even here we can be satisfied. It is not really a mop, perhaps as a vacuum cleaner it makes a lot more, but how sanitation the home area fits perfectly. A tip, the action of the floor cleaner must be activated immediately, otherwise you could run into a dripping of water that is not healthy for the internal components.


xiaomi mi robot vacuum mop p 03 review

Here too, we are in the expectations that we had set ourselves, we are in line with what was expected of this robot. The battery from 3.200 mAh guarantees up to 2 hours of silent cleaning (therefore the less powerful one) and when it returns to the base, automatically, it will take about 4 hours to return to full capacity. However, considering that in 2 hours of use it is possible to cover a good area of ​​the house, the recharge is not that long.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Review - Price and conclusions

What about, at the end of the games, this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner in review? Compared to much more expensive products, it does its job honestly without promising the Moon and we must say that it is much better this way, since the expectations (which were not low) are all met. We have not found any real defects, although one should not expect a scrubbing action from a double action cyclonic vacuum cleaner, such as a Tineco. Where to buy the My Vacuum-Mop Robot P? You can refer to the offer of Amazon, in which you will find it at a very attractive price under € 300. NB If you do not see the purchase link, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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