UGREEN HiTune X6 review: level isolation and good audio

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TWS earphones are one of the most necessary indomitable accessories on the market today. They allow us to keep in touch with colleagues and relatives during calls, relax with music and even isolate ourselves, in case of ANC, when we need to focus. However, not all of them have a satisfying style and if you look for this too, the earphones UGREEN HiTune X6 we tried for this review, could be for you.

UGREEN HiTune X6 review

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Package Contents

Very accurate and simple, the packaging of HiTune X6 in review contains what is needed for a complete experience. In addition to the earphones, we have various ear pads, the case and the charging cable Type-C and manuals. We can say that that's okay.

Design and materials

Un design that we can define very close to high-end products, although they cost less, thanks to that metallic and compact appearance used by headphones UGREEN. The matter used is predominantly polycarbonate, also for the case, but which does not look bad thanks to the matte finishes, which therefore do not hold the fingerprints at all.

Smart functions

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Although they lack an application, but it can be, the smart functions of the HiTune X6 they are accurate and useful. We have the function Play / Pause with one touch, by clicking twice we can raise or lower the volume based on whether it is on the right or left, while against 3 touches you change the song. In a call, pressing and holding for 2 seconds answers, hangs up or refuses. In normal mode, the voice assistant is invoked, while holding it down for 1 second activates or deactivates theANC. Finally, we have a handy one gaming mode click 4 times higher. It is not easy to find such complete earphones for the price range to which they belong.

Then taking the active noise cancellation specifically, we have excellent insulation and we get to lower by 35 dB the surrounding environment. Bluetooth, standard 5.1, quickly and stably connects the earphones to the smartphone or any other device. Promoted without a doubt.

Audio quality - UGREEN HiTune X6

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What about the sound sector of these headphones? L'audio it is certainly good, not exactly the top of its category, but we manage to have a very honest musical listening. The sound is clean but perhaps the bass is too accentuated. On call no problem for the speaker, but the listener has to turn up the volume slightly. This is because if we have theANC active, this reduces the voice of 4 dB. Consequently, you have to go and set it manually. In mode Gaming (low latency) behave quite well, there is no actual delay and the videos and the game are enjoyable acoustically. We weren't expecting more, perhaps, looking at how much they can cost.


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The autonomy of these UGREEN HiTune X6 earphones is very honest. The reason for this evaluation arises from the fact that what the brand guarantees us, therefore 5-6 hours in consecutive listening with only headphones and up to 26 hours with the case and they never left us without. We found this aspect very concrete and it is certainly a plus for the final evaluation.

UGREEN HiTune X6 Review - Price and Conclusions

What can we draw, therefore, in the conclusions from this review of the UGREEN HiTune X6? We found ourselves in front of a pair of earphones that focus everything on concreteness and why not, also on style, which seemed to us a prerequisite for wearing and comfort. At an operational level, it must be said, between listening and noise cancellation they are worth the price range to which they belong and perhaps they do even more. But where can we buy them? You can find them on the store of Amazon in a range of € 35-40, which we have to say is more than fair for what they offer. We remind you that to get the indicated price, the Coupon must be checked on the product page and applied the discount code in the box, but you have to hurry: it is valid until January 16, 2022.

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Check the Coupon on the product page and apply the code to get the displayed price.

Until January 16 2022

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