Anker MagGo accessories review: an extra gear for your iPhone

anker magGO accessories for iPhone

Starting with series 12, Apple retraced her steps by reconsidering the MagSafe technology, giving it new life thanks - above all - to the wireless charging of your devices. This new scenario has caused several manufacturers to address the issue, including Anchor which presented a complete line of compatible accessories. For the occasion, we have tried it for you well 4 MagSafe compatible Anker devices.

All the features of Apple's MagSafe in Anker accessories

The accessories that we will present to you today, in fact, not only follow the potential already seen in the official devices, but also add new ones. It must be said that, for the occasion, Anchor has managed to take full advantage of the opportunity by bringing its own quality - which distinguishes every product - at the service of Apple users, taking advantage of various possibilities.

Anker PowerWave MagGo 2 in 1 Review - Charging Dock

Let's start immediately by telling you the experience of using what - perhaps - of all, was the accessory that struck us the most. The PowerWave MagGo, in fact, it is a dock of 20W Wireless charging with a unique style. The cylindrical body is entirely covered with polycarbonate soft touch: it stands out for its excellent workmanship and sturdiness, but not only. The added value of this charging dock is the ability to rotate the smartphone about 80 °; this will allow you - if you use it (for example) on a desk - the use of content while recharging.

As already mentioned, the added value of the product is undoubtedly the extreme attention to detail placed by Anker, together with the workmanship of the materials: a premium product that offers a touch of class to your workstation. At the same time, then, you will find an extreme choice in colors, which meet all tastes.

Anker PowerCore MagGo Review - 5000 mAh Powerbank

At first glance, the proof of this little one Powerbank by Anker worried us: among all the devices that we will tell you today, in fact, this is the only one that has an official counterpart, the PowerBank MagSafe from Apple. Despite this, the PowerCore from 5000 mAh has fully passed the test, resulting in many respects preferable to the other product mentioned.

First of all there is to consider the price: the product in question is offered at a price that is around € 50, about half of the Apple counterpart, but not only. On the front we find, in fact, a very convenient clip that allows the Powerbank to automatically become a stand for the iPhone: a feature that, despite being skeptical, I found myself using on many occasions.

From a purely functional point of view, then, the power bank is a real delight. It adheres perfectly to all three devices in the range (it is similar in size to an iPhone 1 * Mini) and, despite the battery of only 5000 mAh, it will support you for several Spot recharges, essential throughout the day.

Anker MagGo Ring Holder Review

How boring can it be to hold up a smartphone for a long time? Thanks to the phone holder accessory Anker MagGo, you will no longer have this hindrance and, at the same time, you will not have the boredom of "ruining" the body of your device with adhesives. The phone holder in question, in fact, is nothing more than a very classic ring that acts as a support for the smartphone, or as a support for the fingers; however, using MagSafe technology, it can be used and removed as needed, leaving no traces. Also in this case, the product is available in four colors, as well as for the other products, and the price is around € 15.

Anker MagoGo Wireless Car Charger Review

Last, but not least, we find the wireless car charger. Again we find the MagSafe technology exploited on the others, this time with top up at 7.5W. The car arm with wireless charging boasts a 134 ° opening, to allow versatile use of the smartphone and, above all, an always clear view while driving.

In particular, we appreciated the build quality of the product and the suction cup underneath. Often, in fact, it happens that this type of solution is not particularly efficient, this time instead, despite the numerous city holes, our Anker accessory has never missed a beat. On this product, however, there is a small clarification: at the moment it is not yet available, below you will find the direct link to the official store on Amazon and, in the meantime, we will keep you updated on it.


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