Redkey P6 review: a vacuum cleaner bomb for less than 60 €

It is not one of those smart products, nor does it fall into the category of cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners, but the Redkey P6 however, it manages to stand out in a market now full of alternatives. And it does so not only for its 17.000 Pa, for the 360-degree rotating head and the large number of accessories, but it stands out above all for the price: it costs 79,99 euros on Amazon but, through the box below, you could buy at a discount at 59,99 euros.

Ok, it's a model with cable (7 meters), but it still uses a cyclonic dust separation system, and at this price you will find practically nothing able to guarantee the power and build quality of the Redkey P6.

Review Redkey P6: a vacuum cleaner bomb, at a very low price


The packaging of the Redkey P6 it is among the most compact we have seen in recent times, at least as regards the world of vacuum cleaners. But despite the very small size, inside there are all the accessories useful for using the product on different occasions.

In addition to the main engine, in the box of the Redkey P6 a large motorized brush, long tube, wide nozzle and second crevice nozzle are included. The instruction manual is also good, but what left us impressed is the very little presence of plastic in the package in favor of the paper.

Design and materials

Made mostly of plastic, with some aluminum details, the design of the Redkey P6 it is compact type. The vacuum cleaner does not have the typical pistol grip we have come to know with wireless models, but it is essentially all developed on a single axis. There is a handle that you will have to hold in the back of the vacuum cleaner, and the buttons for managing the operation have been inserted on the main body.

Despite the presence of the cable, handle the Redkey P6 it is quite comfortable: the length of the power cable is 7 meters, and the 2.3 kg weight together with the excellent articulated mechanism to which the main brush is connected, make it very easy to use.

The dirt container is 0.6 L and a 3-stage HEPA filter has been inserted inside it, capable of filtering all the aspirated particles, which will in turn be separated by a cyclonic system. Emptying the dirt container is quite simple and in any case all its internal components are removable and washable under running water, as long as you remember to let them dry for about 24 hours before using them again.

In short, we are talking in all respects of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner, with the only difference that to work it will not use a battery, but the connection to the power supply.

Technical features - Redkey P6

Here are the complete technical characteristics of the Redkey P6:

  • Weight: 2.3 Kg;
  • Motor rated power: 600W;
  • Suction power: up to 17.000 Pa;
  • Dust container capacity: 0.6 L;
  • Noise: 78 dB.

Suction power and cleaning quality

Let's get straight to the point: despite the decidedly economical price, in terms of suction power and cleaning quality, the Redkey P6 he has well poco to envy to the higher-end models. Thanks to a new generation brushless motor, capable of reaching up to 17.000 Pa, the Redkey P6 is among the vacuum cleaners with the best lightness / performance ratio.

It is very manageable and its lightness could be misleading: in reality, the quality of cleaning is more than enough for daily cleaning, and that is precisely why I was rather embittered by the absence of a smaller motorized brush, so you can also clean sofas and mattresses with the same performance.

And even if for many the presence of a power cable might seem disadvantageous, after a few days of use I realized that all in all it is not so much: of course, with battery devices you are practically free to move around. house without hassle, but with a product powered directly from an electrical outlet you will not have to carry on cleaning with "battery performance anxiety".

You will no longer have to worry about the battery being discharged halfway through cleaning, nor will you have to wait hours for the recharge to finish: with a 7-meter cable, in an environment of about 110 square meters, it only happened to me once that I had to change the electrical outlet during cleaning.

That said, the suction power of the Redkey P6 it is more than enough for all uses. Thanks to its 17 Kpa this vacuum cleaner is able to suck up even the largest debris without any problem, and is absolutely not afraid of hair or pet hair.

It is also able to work without problems on rugs and carpets, as long as they are short-haired: with longer-haired carpets it begins to have some rather evident difficulties.

On average, the noise level, which reaches peaks of 78 dB: it is not among the quietest 17 Kpa vacuum cleaners on the market, but it is also not among the noisiest.

Redkey P6: review in 2 minutes

Il Redkey P6 is an inexpensive cyclonic vacuum cleaner that, to work, does not use the battery but a direct connection to the electrical outlet. The power cable is 7 meters long and is powered by a 600w motor capable of generating a vacuum of 17 Kpa. The design is compact and the weight is contained, and the motorized brush is connected to a head capable of rotating 360 degrees: it is very easy to use.

It integrates a 3-stage HEPA filter and is able to separate the aspirated particles through cyclonic technology. It is a simple vacuum cleaner, without too many frills, able to vacuum even the largest grains without problems and which also works well on parquet, carpets and short-pile rugs.

The presence of the power cable makes it completely free from the constraints deriving from battery autonomy and long recharging times.

Price and conclusions

The sale price of the Redkey P6 is 79,99 euros, and already at full price it is perhaps too low a figure for the characteristics of this product. The nice thing, however, is that on Amazon it is also possible to buy it at a discount, at a price that will drop to 59,99 euros.

And in short, for 60 euros there is poco to say: if you need a powerful and handy vacuum cleaner and can do without battery power, relying on a (very long) power cable, the Redkey P6 it is certainly a more than indicated purchase. It is light, and easy to handle, it is powerful and (above all) it really costs poco.

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