Change of course for Realme Pad: Android 12 will arrive in 2022

Realm pad

The past few days have been particularly critical for users who got their hands on Realme's first tablet. The company has indeed announced that there will be no update to the latest major Android update, leaving the fans in despair. But now comes the sensational change of course through the official channels: RealmePad will receive the update ad Android 12 in the course of 2022!

Realme Pad will receive the update to Android 12: that's when

After the first announcement, in short, a radical change arrives: there was talk of the no to Android 12 and the release of only security patches. All this after a few months from the release of the tablet: a freshly launched device, out of the major updates. However, the announcement via the brand's Community changes everything as it has been revealed that RealmePad will receive the update ad Android 12. It is not known whether it will be in the form of Realme UI 3 (it would be obvious, but never say never), so we look forward to further news.

Realm pad

Within the post published in the official forum, Realme thanks the fans for the support and encouragement: in short, certainly the fans have not contributed poco to this change of course.

When will Android 12 arrive for Realme Pad?

Realm pad

Now the thorniest question remains: when Android 12 arrives per Realme pad? The company has also answered this question, confirming that the update will appear starting from third quarter of 2022. Reference is made to the Indian market, so for now it is not known when it will arrive in our latitudes (perhaps simultaneously or at a later time, there is no certainty). In the meantime, in case you also have other devices of the brand, we report you the timeline for Europe and Italy dedicated to the release of Realme UI 3.0. Finally, if you are still undecided and want to know more about the brand's first tablet, take a look at ours too review.

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