Realme Pad, bad news: Android 12 will not arrive

realme pad no update android 12

Presented among many favorable opinions, in spite of the mid-range spec sheet, the tablets di Realme might already be seen in a bad side light updates. In fact, it seems that RealmePad will not receive it Android 12, as announced in the official Community.

Realme Pad: no Android 12, yes to security patches

realme pad no update android 12 2

How did you find out about this news? Through the official Community Q&A of Realme, among the various questions there was one relating to the brand's tablet, which we already know will have a successor this year, regarding the policy of updates.

And the bad news comes quite directly: Realme Pad will not receive Android 12, without too many frills. However, the brand specifies that although the major updates are finished without even starting, they will continue on a regular basis monthly security patches, although it was not disclosed for how long.

In short, put simply, if you have purchased a RealmePad or are you going to buy it, you will have to deal with this situation. Realme is not new to these things, considering the controversy not too far away on the updates policy. In any case, if you want to know how the brand's tablet is doing, we leave you there detailed review.

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