Has Meizu launched the coolest speaker of all?

meizu bluetooth speaker pandaer 01

The market turning point of Meizu lies in producing, in addition to his own smartphone, even electronic accessories of great impact, such as the latest speaker he presented. We are talking about the PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Bluetooth Speaker, with a truly unique style and specifications all at the top.

Meizu PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn: all about the new Bluetooth speaker

meizu bluetooth speaker pandaer 02

What immediately catches the eye is the design, totally futuristic and made with a metal structure, with a defined livery Platinum Unicorn Pattern. Added to this are high-level technical specifications. It starts from two independent units from 48 mm, with subwoofer and bass amplifier, while for the sound we have equalization Meizu EQ, historically among the best in the industry.

Added to this is the possibility of creating a stereo environment with multiple Bluetooth speakers of the same type and for gamers, there is low latency at 80 ms, comparable to that of specialized TWS earphones. We then IPX5 certification, Bluetooth 5.0, charging via Type-C and AUX input. Meizu then equipped the speaker with a mechanical metal base.

The new Bluetooth speaker Meizu PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber arrives on the Chinese market at a price of approx €207 (1.499 yuan), which for such sophisticated performance and design can also be congruous. Sadly, it's unlikely we'll see it in the West (barring AliExpress miracles), but it's definitely a pretty sight.

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